How To Paint Round Eyes

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How To Paint Round Eyes
How To Paint Round Eyes

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The owners of round eyes can be envied: such eyes look expressive and bright, almost requiring no additional adjustment. The only thing that should be done to such beauties is to lengthen the shape of the eyes, making them slightly almond-like.

Round eyes can be almond-shaped
Round eyes can be almond-shaped

It is necessary

  • - eyeshadows in several shades;
  • - lengthening mascara;
  • - eyeliner.


Step 1

Apply shadows of medium to light (but not dark) shades evenly over the entire surface of the eyelid, that is, create a base for further eye makeup.

Step 2

Take the shadows one tone darker than the main one and blend along the eyelid, focusing on the outer corner of the eye so that it visually lengthens.

Step 3

Draw a line with a thin brush with light movements along the entire lower eyelid with the same dark shadows, slightly shading them at the outer corner of the eye. You should get a triangle in the area of ​​the outer corner of the eye - it is this effect that will give the necessary almond shape.

Step 4

Use liquid eyeliner or eyeliner and use a thin line to highlight the upper lash line.

Step 5

Draw small arrows extending slightly beyond the outer corner of the upper eyelid to give the round eyes an oriental charm. You can make the arrow line slightly wider than the inner corner of the eye.

Step 6

Take the lengthening mascara and run along the lashes not up, but slightly obliquely, lengthening and, as it were, stretching towards the outer corner of the eye. Do not apply mascara to the lower eyelashes, but paint only the upper eyelashes, this will save your eyes from unnecessary volume. Use black or dark brown mascara to add depth and mystery to round eyes - this is the finishing touch to this makeup.

Step 7

Use a little trick: if you want to leave the shape of the round eyes unchanged and only slightly add depth to the look - evenly blend shadows of the same tone over the upper eyelid.

Step 8

Use two types of eyeshadow - matte (foundation) and shiny (creating a triangle), this contributes to an even greater visual lengthening of the shape of round eyes.

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