How To Apply Baked Powder

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How To Apply Baked Powder
How To Apply Baked Powder

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Baked powder is an innovative cosmetic product that, after application, gives the skin a flawless matte and radiance. Such a powder attracts the fair sex not only by its durability and richness of shades, but also by the presence of moisturizing components and ease of application. But few people know that you need to use baked powder according to certain rules.

How to apply baked powder
How to apply baked powder

Cosmetics, to which the term "baked" is suitable, is made using a special technology. The ingredients used to create the powder are baked at 60 ° C. As a result of such processing, the brightness of the mother-of-pearl and the softness of the pigments are preserved, baking allows you to get the finest structure.

Baked powder is very easy to apply and, importantly, economical. The radiant particles are evenly distributed over the skin and do not roll off. Powder, which has been in a special oven, lasts several times longer than an ordinary cosmetic product. Therefore, using it for makeup is a pleasure!

The unique baked powder technology helps to maintain its moisturizing properties. For the production of cosmetics, artificial fragrances and fragrances are practically not used.

Secrets of applying baked powder

The incredibly light texture means you don't waste precious minutes blending baked powder. Like baked eyeshadows, this cosmetic product can be applied with a wet sponge. In this case, the powder will shine more intensely.

It is best to use a wide brush to apply the baked powder. The movements of the hands of the makeup artist should be circular, you can choose cosmetics for the décolleté area. If you are using a foundation, choose a shade of baked powder under cream or mousse for a natural look. You can take funds of the same brand and collection, so you definitely will not go wrong with the choice.

You don't need to press hard on the brush, the best solution is to distribute the powder on the cheekbones and cheeks, blend it a little. Dark shades of baked powder are suitable for use as a blush and for correcting the contours of the face. The novelty powder can give the skin a light tan effect or a delicate, radiant blush.

Benefits of baked powder

The baked type powder combines the benefits of a loose powder and a compact powder. Therefore, it can be applied with either a wide brush or a sponge. It is attractive for its velvety texture and unusual color nuances. It is noteworthy that such a powder can and should be used without first applying foundation.

The baked powder not only gives the skin the desired shade, eliminating imperfections visually, but also cares for the skin due to the content of vitamins E, A, natural oils.

With the help of baked powder, it will be possible to hide small skin imperfections, persistent cosmetics will mask enlarged pores, acne, and wrinkles. This powder not only mattes the skin, but also slightly smoothes it, resulting in a perfectly smooth surface.

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