How To Care For Makeup Brushes

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How To Care For Makeup Brushes
How To Care For Makeup Brushes

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The bristles of makeup brushes often harbor bacteria that feed on excess makeup. If you rub a dirty brush over the inflamed skin, the irritation may intensify. Dirt from brushes can get onto the mucous membrane of the mouth or nose and cause allergic reactions.

How to care for makeup brushes
How to care for makeup brushes

It is necessary

  • - baby shampoo;
  • - makeup remover;
  • - wet wipes.


Step 1

After you have applied makeup and you no longer need brushes, they need to be cleaned from the remains of makeup. You can wipe them with wet sanitary napkins with antibacterial impregnation, and if the skin is prone to allergies, it is better to use products for baby or intimate hygiene.

Step 2

Do a thorough cleaning once a week. Prepare a solution for washing brushes - add a drop of shampoo to warm water (it is better to use baby shampoo), a little tea tree oil for disinfection. Dip the brushes in the solution for a few minutes - lightly shake them in water to remove the dirt faster, you can rub the bristles with your hands a little. Don't overdo it - you can stretch out individual bristles. Then rinse your brushes thoroughly in clean, warm water (not hot), wrap them in a towel and pat dry. Spread the bristles with your hands and lay the brushes to dry.

Step 3

Sometimes alternate between soap and alcohol - dilute the alcohol with water (3: 1), place the brushes in the solution and scrub, helping to remove dirt with your hands. Do not forget to rinse the brushes thoroughly, you can under running water, wipe and put to dry at room temperature. It is also necessary to rinse the brushes correctly - hold them with the tips of the bristles down so that water does not get into the base and does not break the shape.

Step 4

Dry the brushes in the correct position. After washing the brushes, lay them out on a cloth napkin, away from heat sources and dry naturally. Usually in 8-10 hours the brushes are ready to use.

Step 5

If you don't have time to clean your brushes in the usual way, then use a makeup remover - dampen a cotton pad and wipe the bristles. The solvent liquid is excellent at removing lipstick residue, making it ideal for small brushes. Instead of nail polish remover, you can use special cosmetic solvents designed for this purpose - dip the brushes in the composition, leave for a few minutes, then remove them and wipe them with a clean paper towel.

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