How To Do Invisible Makeup

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How To Do Invisible Makeup
How To Do Invisible Makeup

Natural, inconspicuous makeup is the pinnacle of the make-up artist's art. It is designed to improve the appearance, hide the signs of age and fatigue, and at the same time not show the entire palette of lipsticks, eyeshadows and blush. You can do this makeup yourself. You just need to purchase high-quality decorative cosmetics and practice in front of the mirror. Consider the advice of professional makeup artists - they will help you look not only natural, but also beautiful.

How to do invisible makeup
How to do invisible makeup

It is necessary

  • - moisturizer;
  • - makeup base;
  • - liquid foundation;
  • - loose powder;
  • - proofreader;
  • - blush or powder of tan color;
  • - lip balm;
  • - eyebrow shadows;
  • - Mascara;
  • - a set of brushes, sponges and applicators.


Step 1

For discreet makeup, choose products that are natural. Professional makeup artists use several shades at once - this approach allows you to gently lighten or darken areas of the face. For example, a dark tone will accentuate the cheekbones and hide a "floating" chin, while a light tone will add radiance to the face. It is most convenient to use a liquid foundation with reflective particles and transparent loose powder. Do not forget about a dense creamy concealer that will hide minor skin imperfections.

Step 2

Avoid bright blush, eyeshadow and colored mascara. Your choice is a beige and brown palette for the eyes, as well as a light pinkish blush. For dark-skinned women, blush can be replaced with a tan-colored powder - it will well emphasize the cheekbones, but will not look like a bright spot. Black ink creates an overly dramatic look. Replace it with dark brown or black and gray. These products will soften the look and are perfect for daytime makeup.

Step 3

Before your makeup session, cleanse and moisturize your face well. The cosmetics will lay on the prepared skin in a thin, even layer, as if merging with it. Do not use oily creams - for moisturizing, it is better to use water-based toners, emulsions or gels.

Step 4

If your skin is uneven, it's best to use a makeup base. It will hide the pores, give the face a gloss. Choose a liquid or gel product with a light mattifying and lightening effect. Spread liquid foundation on top. Use a sponge as if driving the tone into the skin. This method will help to reliably hide skin imperfections, while the coating will be invisible. Hide bruises, age spots and pimple marks with a beige corrector. Drive it in gently with your fingertips, making sure it is completely invisible. Fix makeup with loose, translucent powder to match your skin color.

Step 5

Place a thin layer of soft pink blush or tanning powder on the raised part of your cheek. Blend the product with a fluffy round brush, working towards the temples and lower jaw.

Step 6

Use a matte beige and pink lipstick or a clear balm on your lips. The latter option is only suitable for those whose lips are naturally bright in color. Do not line up the outline with a pencil. To soften the lipstick, spread it with the pad of your finger, using gentle patting movements.

Step 7

Be sure to style your eyebrows - they will give your face a well-groomed look. Pluck out excess hairs while maintaining the natural arched pattern. Lightly accentuate your brows with taupe or dark beige shadows. Instead of eyeshadow, you can use colored wax or a very soft pencil with an applicator. Don't make your eyebrows too dark, they will visually add a decade to you. The upper eyelids can be accentuated with beige, cream or taupe shadows. The final touch is a gray or chocolate lengthening mascara.

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