What Makeup Will Suit A Blue Dress

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What Makeup Will Suit A Blue Dress
What Makeup Will Suit A Blue Dress

Video: What Makeup Will Suit A Blue Dress

Video: What Makeup Will Suit A Blue Dress
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When choosing a blue dress, go for the appropriate makeup. It is necessary to even out the complexion and revive it with a blush. Pay special attention to your eyes: you can opt for a neutral shade or makeup that matches the shade of the dress. Consider not only the color, but also the texture of the fabric - it can also be emphasized with makeup.

What makeup will suit a blue dress
What makeup will suit a blue dress

Everyday makeup

The austere blue dress is perfect for the office. Support its elegance with matching makeup. It should be fashionable, but discreet, stylish and very lightweight.

To even out your complexion, choose a toning balm or a light-colored liquid cream powder. These products are applied in a very thin layer, matting the face well, without hiding the lively radiance of the skin. Apply the product with your fingertips, as if driving it in. Set off your cheeks with a light creamy blush of pink or pinkish-beige.

If you don't have enough time for a full make-up, limit yourself to tone, blush and mascara - your face will look fresh and well-groomed.

Bright eye and lip makeup looks out of place during the day. Apply a creamy base shade to your eyelids, such as taupe or bluish gray. Dark blue mascara will add a trendy touch - it looks fashionable, but not defiant. Highlight your lips with a light, non-sticky gloss - beige or dark pink.

Makeup for special occasions

Festive makeup under an evening dress is different from a light everyday one. You can choose more intense shades, complement them with sparkles, pearlescent highlights and other special effects.

The basis of evening make-up is an even and radiant complexion. Be sure to use a leveling foundation - it will create a "photoshop" effect, removing enlarged pores, fine wrinkles and other imperfections. A light, radiant face is in harmony with the dark blue or bright blue of the outfit, so choose a pinkish or lilac base for a dazzling freshness of the skin.

On top of the base, place a liquid foundation of a porcelain or greyish-beige hue. Avoid products with a red undertone - they will look unhealthy. Blend the foundation with a sponge or brush - the cream should completely merge with the skin. Powder your face with sheer light powder. On the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and forehead, apply some highlighter in a silvery pink or pale gold hue. The choice depends on the tone of the dress and the color of your skin and hair.

Shade the cheeks with a pale pink or light red blush. Apply them to the most prominent parts of your cheeks. You can also apply a small amount of highlighter over the blush to make your makeup look even more impressive.

Highlight the eyes - this makeup looks especially expressive in the evening. Apply dark blue eyeshadow on the eyelids, highlighting the upper and lower eyelids. Choose creamy or powdery eyeshadows with an iridescent silky texture. Complement the bright shadows with velvet black mascara, applied in two layers.

Don't forget about your manicure. For a blue dress, choose a fashionable varnish in the color of black sapphire or a stormy sky - it will beautifully set off the skin of your hands and give your fingers grace.

Lips should be emphasized with lipstick in a calm, pure tone - dark pink, pink-beige or reddish. Choose cool or neutral shades - they are in perfect harmony with a thick blue outfit. Lipstick with the smallest shimmer looks very impressive - it adds volume to the lips.