How To Match Hair Color To Brown Eyes

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How To Match Hair Color To Brown Eyes
How To Match Hair Color To Brown Eyes

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From birth, a person gets the right combination of eye, skin and hair color. Nature endows him with an individual appearance. However, people are arranged in such a way that they constantly want to change, and the fashion trends themselves require the same. The most popular procedure for changing appearance is hair coloring. But here it is important not to overdo it, because the wrong shade can make you less attractive and add a couple of extra years.

How to match hair color to brown eyes
How to match hair color to brown eyes

It is necessary

  • - hairdresser-stylist;
  • - hair dye;
  • - tonic.


Step 1

Talk to your hairdresser. If you want to look very impressive, then you cannot do without his help here. With his professional look, he will evaluate your appearance and select the most suitable color for you. That will add additional charm, personality and expressiveness to you. For owners of brown eyes, highlighting is very suitable, which cannot be done without a specialist (a long and complicated procedure). Lightened strands repainted in caramel or honey color will look beautiful on dark-skinned brown eyes.

Step 2

If you do decide to change your hair color yourself, then follow the generally accepted rules. Warm colors are suitable for owners of brown eyes. These include shades of chestnut, golden, honey, brown.

Step 3

Take a closer look at the shade of your brown eyes. If they are brown or sandy, then bronding is for you - a combination of natural dark and light tones. Just remember that this procedure requires careful hair care. For owners of light brown eyes, caramel, golden, amber and reddish colors are suitable.

Step 4

Consider your skin tone when coloring. If you have brown eyes and dark skin, then all shades of dark chocolate, chocolate or dark chestnut will suit you. This color will visually increase the volume of your hair and accentuate your eyes. If you have fair skin, it is better to dye your hair light brown, caramel, light chocolate and red.

Step 5

Test before staining. To do this, buy a toning agent that will not drastically change the color of your hair, but will allow you to assess how much this shade suits you. For the same purpose, you can try on a wig and draw the appropriate conclusions.

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