How To Do Makeup Like Ani Lorak

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How To Do Makeup Like Ani Lorak
How To Do Makeup Like Ani Lorak

Video: How To Do Makeup Like Ani Lorak

Video: How To Do Makeup Like Ani Lorak
Video: Макияж Ани Лорак 2023, December

A number of recent events in the life of the popular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak have lifted her to the peak of fame. Perhaps that is why makeup in the style of a famous singer has become extremely popular in recent years among the fair sex. Indeed, almost everyone, both young girls and more mature women, strives to do makeup like Ani Lorak's.

How to do makeup like ani lorak
How to do makeup like ani lorak

It is necessary

  • - face tone
  • - powder
  • - blush
  • - eyeshadow
  • - eyeliner
  • - Mascara
  • - lip pencil
  • - lip gloss or lipstick


Step 1

A feature of a popular singer is the combination of the incongruous. However, if you thoroughly study the methods of selection and the technique of applying cosmetics, as with a popular singer, then almost everyone can do makeup, like Ani Lorak. By the way, makeup in the style of Ani Lorak refers to the evening type of makeup.

Step 2

Even out your complexion using a foundation half a tone darker than your natural complexion. Ideal for applying makeup, a tonal foundation of bronze shades with a light tan and shimmer effect. Powder your face and lips with loose powder.

Step 3

Apply the blush on the cheekbones with a large special brush in oblique large strokes, in the direction from the bottom of the cheekbones to the temples. Choose blush shades of bronze-brown. Blend the strokes gently. The main task of the Ani Lorak style blush is to emphasize the line of the cheekbones. A brown blush is perfect for this purpose.

Step 4

Apply a metallic shade to the inner corner of the upper eyelid. Apply bright shades of green or purple to the eyeshadow to the outer corner. Blend the borders of the flowers carefully. Alternatively, you can use a combination of brown or eggplant eyeshadows with metallic gray. Apply a turquoise or blue liquid eyeliner along the contour of the lower eyelid.

Step 5

Fold your eyelashes with special tweezers, apply a layer of black mascara, let dry and apply a second layer of mascara. To avoid the effect of sticky eyelashes, gently comb them with a special brush.

Step 6

Outline the lips with a neutral color pencil to avoid the smudge effect of the lipstick. Use lipstick in neutral colors close to natural. Cover your lips with gloss.