Transform Your Face With Strobing

Transform Your Face With Strobing
Transform Your Face With Strobing

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Every beauty strives for a healthy and radiant complexion. Moreover, fashion dictates naturalness in everything. Various bronzers and bright blushes have been replaced by a completely new makeup technique - strobing, which recognizes only delicate pastel and light tones. So you should stock up on foundation, weightless powder and, most importantly, do not forget about the highlighter, because it is he who will help you in creating the necessary make-up.

Transform your face with strobing
Transform your face with strobing

Strobing does not gravitate towards clear lines, does not draw certain parts of the face. The main thing in this make-up technique is to make your face as natural as possible, as if you weren't doing any makeup at all.

With the help of a highlighter, you can add the necessary accents, without detailing. By blending it on certain areas of the face, you will give it the desired glow. So after applying the foundation, you can start strobing. It is not necessary to apply the highlighter with a brush, use smooth finger movements to draw the necessary accents, so you can better control the process and not overdo it with makeup.

Spread the highlighter evenly over the middle of the forehead, over the upper lip, under the eyebrows, along the cheekbones and bridge of the nose, and do not forget about the chin.

If you liked this newfangled makeup trend, then there are five basic strobing rules to remember:

1. Before proceeding with the highlighter, it is necessary to mask all skin imperfections. Strobing is impossible without perfect flat tone. So if you have rashes or redness, first mask them with special cosmetics, and only after that start applying the highlighter.

2. Remember, this is a completely new style that does not accept clear lines. Therefore, the highlighter should be carefully shaded to make the makeup look as natural as possible.

3. Owners of dry skin should choose a highlighter with a creamy texture, and girls with a fatty type should pay attention to the crumbly texture. But if you have a combination skin type, then you can safely combine both highlighter textures. Apply cream to dry areas, and crumbly to oily areas.

4. Remember that in no case do you need to apply a lot of cosmetics so that your face does not look like a fat pancake. The highlighter on the skin should be barely noticeable.

5. Not to be confused with a highlighter bronzer. After all, the first is used in the beauty industry to achieve a tanning effect on the skin, but we need to achieve a natural glow.

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