How To Reduce Your Nose With Makeup

How To Reduce Your Nose With Makeup
How To Reduce Your Nose With Makeup

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All women are worried about their appearance, everyone dreams of looking perfect, which is why the question of how to hide facial imperfections with makeup is currently very relevant. The most frequent question of girls: "How to reduce the nose with makeup?"

How to reduce your nose with makeup
How to reduce your nose with makeup

With the help of makeup, you can visually correct the shape of the nose, make it visually shorter and narrower. Absolutely any girl can cope with this task on her own, and without any skills in the art of makeup and visage. So, in order to visually reduce the nose, you will need three tonal means of different shades. The first shade is basic, the second is half a tone lighter than the natural complexion, the third is half a tone darker than the natural complexion (it is worth remembering that if the skin on the nose is dry or peeling, then tonal bases must be used moisturizing, otherwise, in the end, adjustment will fail).

How to make a nose with makeup

To visually make the nose narrower, you must first apply the base tonal agent to the entire face and evenly distribute it, pay special attention to the neck, and smooth out all the transitions. Next, apply a very slightly lighter product on the bridge of the nose, and a darker one on the wings and its sides. Thoroughly blend the corrective agents with a brush or a specially designed sponge. Fix makeup with loose, colorless powder.

How to make your nose shorter with makeup

If you have a desire to visually make your nose shorter, then you need to carry out the same actions as described above, then apply a little foundation of a dark shade to the tip of the nose and blend it thoroughly. In this case, it is worth remembering that very little corrective agent is needed, otherwise there is a possibility of getting the "dirty nose" effect.

How to make a snub nose with makeup

In order to visually make the nose snub, it is necessary to apply a tonal agent of a darker tone to the nasal bridge in the lower part of it and shade, then with a brush, carefully draw a dark line just above the tip of the nose and shade again, but slightly. The very tip of the nose is much lighter (you can use both a light foundation and white or beige matte shadows).

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