How To Apply Red Lipstick

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How To Apply Red Lipstick
How To Apply Red Lipstick

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Red lipstick has always been considered one of the best makeup trends. Its use is an opportunity to demonstrate your elegance, passion and sensuality. But if scarlet lipstick is applied carelessly on the lips, this can lead to the completely opposite effect.

How to apply red lipstick
How to apply red lipstick


Step 1

When choosing a red lipstick, remember that it will accentuate all imperfections on your face, so you need the perfect complexion to make up with it. Cover up pimples and redness with a green corrector, apply over it a foundation that matches your skin as much as possible. Powder your face with a brush for a natural effect.

Step 2

Choose lipstick according to your skin and hair color. So, for example, bright cold shades such as raspberry and fuchsia are suitable for fair-skinned girls with dark hair, and dark-haired dark-skinned women need to choose juicy red lipstick tones. Green-eyed and brown-eyed blondes with peach skin should pay attention to warm coral shades, and red-haired girls look perfect in beige-red and terracotta lipstick colors.

Step 3

Going directly to makeup, first apply the base under the lipstick. As it, you can use either a corrector or a special tool that fixes the lipstick and smooths out wrinkles on the lips. Then lightly powder your lips, preferably with a brush, as this will help apply a thin layer of powder without damaging your makeup. Apply a lip liner that matches the color of your lipstick. Try to keep the line as straight and neat as possible. Using a lip brush, apply the lipstick in the center and then work towards the edges of the lips. With a light touch of the napkin, blot the first layer of lipstick and apply the second.

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