How To Dress And Make Up For A Date

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How To Dress And Make Up For A Date
How To Dress And Make Up For A Date
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After a busy week, there is nothing better than spending a couple of hours with a nice person. Romantic atmosphere, candles, conversations - all this is what the girl's heart desires. On a date, a girl wants to look perfect, and for this it is necessary to remember a few axioms.

How to dress and make up for a date
How to dress and make up for a date

It is necessary

  • - your favorite, beautiful clothes;
  • - cosmetics;
  • - self confidence.


Step 1

When going on a date, remember the truths: being yourself is the best thing a person can do. There is no need to try to impress a young man, try to behave unnaturally, or speak in phrases from your favorite TV series. Believe me, since you were invited on a date, it means that the person liked you just the way you are. So, straighten your shoulders, smile at yourself, and try to get the most out of the evening ahead.

Step 2

It is necessary to choose clothes for a date with an understanding of the principle of Step 1. After all, the situation can be very comedic: a man invited you on a date, knowing that you are a lover of sports style - this can be seen both in clothes and in your beautiful figure. And you, in order to surprise, decided to wear a wonderful long dress. Of course, you look insanely beautiful in this outfit, but nevertheless, on the first date, you should dress in the usual way.

Step 3

If you don't know where the date will take place, then you can feel free to be proud! This also means that your gentleman is the owner of a romantic heart. For a date - a surprise, it is best to wear practical, but nevertheless, beautiful clothes. For example, a beautiful knitted dress or pipe jeans and a sexy blouse. For such an occasion, wear ballet flats - it will be convenient to ride through the woods at a picnic, and it will look good in the museum.

Step 4

There is nothing mysterious and even more scary about cosmetics for a first date. Remember that there should be wisdom in everything - you should not use all the available cosmetics at home. Even out your complexion, use mascara, lip gloss and some blush. Don't forget to wear pretty earrings and keep your hair fresh. It is these simple principles that will make your look very attractive.

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