Makeup For Beginners

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Makeup For Beginners
Makeup For Beginners

In any cosmetic store now there is such a variety of cosmetic products that it is easy for even an experienced makeup person to get confused. How can a beginner be here? For those who first decided to apply "war paint" on themselves, there are some useful tips.

Makeup for beginners
Makeup for beginners


Step 1

Makeup tools.

In choosing tools for applying makeup, quality matters, but you should not be too zealous and buy up all the most expensive. A puff for a compact powder, a loose powder brush, a medium blush brush, a small eyebrow brush, eye shadow sponges and a few sponges will suffice. Try to buy brushes with natural bristles, they apply makeup better and are more practical to use.

Step 2

Color palette.

For your look to be perfect, you need to choose the perfect color for your skin tone. Determine which color type your appearance belongs to and make a choice based on it. Suitable for warm skin tones: gold, peach and red-orange shades. Cool skin tones are paired with silvers, lilacs, purples and all shades of blue.

Step 3

Light transparent layers.

It is always easier to add a missing piece than to fix an existing one. Therefore, do not make the mistake of most beginners - do not put thick layers on your face, do not make a semblance of a mask on your face. Do your makeup in good natural light, applying thin, invisible layers of makeup.

Step 4

Necessary cosmetics:

tonal basis

corrector if necessary



eyebrow pencil




lipstick or lip gloss

Step 5

The foundation.

For perfect makeup, you need well-groomed skin. Do not be lazy to take care of your face. After thoroughly cleansing, be sure to use a moisturizer. If the skin is clean, then the base may not be needed. A light powder and a corrector for problem areas will be enough. When buying a foundation, go for light, moisturizers. Use clean sponges and brushes. Shade the base well along the chin, temples and forehead - no borders should be noticeable.

Step 6


First, style your eyebrows with a special brush. The color of the eyebrow pencil should match their natural color and blend in with the color of the eyeliner. Apply shadow, on the upper eyelid, draw a thin line starting from the inner corner of the eye, towards the outer. Then apply mascara to your lashes. Before that, you can twist them with special tweezers.

Step 7


Apply the cream blush after the moisturizer, but before applying the powder. All other types of blush are applied over the powder. To determine the place of overlap - smile wider - apply them to the most prominent places. In order not to look untidy, carefully shade the borders of the application. When choosing a color, be guided by natural colors.

Step 8


Start with lighter shades of lipstick, so your inexperience will be less noticeable. If you want to try brighter, darker colors, then use a lip liner that matches your lipstick perfectly. Do not forget that daytime makeup means light, light makeup shades, while evening makeup means brighter and more intense ones.

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