Which Is Better To Use A Concealer Or Concealer?

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Which Is Better To Use A Concealer Or Concealer?
Which Is Better To Use A Concealer Or Concealer?
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To mask minor skin imperfections, you can use both a concealer and a concealer. At the same time, to solve different problems, it is necessary to select various corrective agents.

Which is better to use a concealer or concealer?
Which is better to use a concealer or concealer?

What is the difference between concealer and concealer

Various cosmetic products can be used to mask skin imperfections. Nowadays, small imperfections no longer need to be masked with powder or foundation, or a thick layer of makeup is applied to the face. The problem of skin rashes, dark circles under the eyes and red spots can be perfectly handled by cosmetics that need to be applied to the skin pointwise.

Some cosmetic manufacturers do not differentiate between a concealer and a concealer. Both products are intended for spot application on the skin. Both perfectly mask minor skin imperfections. In fact, each of these products has its own characteristics.

Concealer is a dense, flesh-colored concealer. Most often it comes in a tube with a foam applicator or a small tube with a brush. A concealer is also available in the form of a cream with a dispenser. The concealer needs to be matched to your skin tone. As a rule, manufacturers produce this product in several versions. The concealer can be slightly lighter than the main skin tone, but not darker in any way.

The corrector is a cosmetic product that is designed to mask, neutralize certain defects. Unlike concealer, it comes in a variety of shades. For example, a green corrector can help mask redness on the skin. Yellow correctors neutralize bruises, purple circles under the eyes.

The corrector is usually applied under powder or foundation. With it, you can neutralize extraneous shades on the skin, and then with the help of powder or liquid tone, you should give the face a uniform shade.

Both correctors and concealers, as a rule, are produced in tubes or small jars, since the products are designed for spot application, which implies minimal consumption.

Which is better: concealer or concealer

There is no universal answer to the question of which concealer should be preferred. To solve different problems, completely different tools are needed.

Concealer is very convenient to apply to the eye area. With it, you can easily even out skin tone, give expressiveness to your look. Please be aware that you cannot use conventional face foundation for this area.

The corrector is very convenient to mask such defects as bruises, pimples, dark circles. If there are too visible imperfections on the skin, then it is advisable to first neutralize their shade with a corrector, and then start applying makeup on the entire face.

For eye makeup, it is more convenient to use concealer. With this product, it will be possible to slightly even out the skin tone and give the face a fresh, rested look.

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