How To Eyeliner With Liquid Eyeliner

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How To Eyeliner With Liquid Eyeliner
How To Eyeliner With Liquid Eyeliner

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Black liner eyeliner lends a look of fatal mystery, feline playfulness and charm. But these effects can be achieved only with a certain skill, accuracy, for which it is necessary to understand a few rather simple rules and tricks.

How to eyeliner with liquid eyeliner
How to eyeliner with liquid eyeliner


Step 1

First, decide whether the black bright line along the line of the upper eyelid will suit you - evaluate your eye shape. If they are naturally almond-shaped, then feel free to emphasize it with an attractive eyeliner. If the upper eyelid is rather heavy and slightly lowered, then this method of stretching the eyes should be discarded, as it will only emphasize your peculiarity. Use colored eyeliners only when necessary: ​​for example, if you are going to a party and want to create a certain image. The classic (and win-win) combination is red lipstick and charcoal black eyeliner.

Step 2

If your eyebrows are naturally light enough, then before applying the eyeliner, they should be darkened slightly with a soft brown pencil or shadow. The eyeshadow can be applied gently with a damp brush for a natural and neat look. In general, liner liner suits blondes very much!

Step 3

Now let's get down to the question of choosing a liquid eyeliner. Be sure to try a tester in the store, draw a line on the skin and see how the line falls. The brush should be thin and elastic, designed in such a way that excess eyeliner can be easily removed from it, and the line turned out to be even, clear and neat. In terms of consistency, the eyeliner should not be too fluid and liquid (otherwise it will spread over the micro-wrinkles present on any skin), but it should not be thick either. The eyeliner should dry quickly enough, but not instantly or firmly - so that you can make some adjustments if necessary.

Step 4

Now directly about the process of applying the eyeliner. If you decide to use shadows as well, then you should clearly apply and thoroughly shade them before applying the liner - since if you deem it necessary to make some additions and corrections after using liquid eyeliner, the makeup will look extremely sloppy.

Step 5

If you have never used liquid eyeliner, do not want to get a straight and perfect line, you should obviously use a little trick: armed with a thin black eyeliner, draw a line along the upper eyelid, and then, as it were, outline it with a liquid liner.

Step 6

This trick is also suitable for those who want to protect their eyes and delicate eyelid skin from an aggressive product and who suffer from frequent allergies and hypersensitivity to new products.

Step 7

Tilt your head back slightly, pull the skin of the upper eyelid slightly (not hard, just to smooth it) and start applying the eyeliner. Near the area of ​​the inner eyelid, you should press the liner as close to the eyelashes as possible, then the line should be made a little thicker, and the tip, on the contrary, should be thin and, as it were, tending slightly upward.

Step 8

Mascara should be applied strictly after applying the eyeliner, and not before - otherwise, the cilia painted at the roots can greatly interfere with the even and smooth glide of the liner.

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