How To Look Good At A Wedding

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How To Look Good At A Wedding
How To Look Good At A Wedding

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A wedding is not only an important event, but also a very beautiful one. Bouquets, ceremonially set tables, limousines, luxurious bridesmaid dress, photo and video filming - all this festive entourage creates a special, unique atmosphere. And all participants in a magical holiday must match it and look their best.

How to look good at a wedding
How to look good at a wedding

It is necessary

  • - concealer;
  • - loose powder;
  • - lipstick and shadows;
  • - matting napkins;
  • - nail polish.


Step 1

The main heroine of the wedding is, of course, the bride. She must be the most beautiful and none of the guests, according to inexorable etiquette, could be more elegant. However, in order to correspond to her high status and brilliantly play the main role at the celebration, the bride will have to try.

Step 2

The image of the bride depends on the chosen dress. A snow-white outfit requires cold cosmetics, the popular shade of ivory needs warmer shades. Style is no less important. The richer the decoration of the dress, the more modest the makeup should be. With simple, modern outfits, you can try on bolder looks, such as colored eyeshadow or bright lipstick.

Step 3

The basis of beautiful bridal makeup is flawlessly smooth skin. Use a nourishing foundation. It will keep the skin hydrated, give it a healthy glow and remove oily sheen. Do not use a tan color tone - it looks too aggressive for a wedding.

Step 4

Secure your makeup with a neutral loose powder. Be sure to bring matting wipes with you - they will help remove excess shine and will not damage your makeup. Don't get carried away with shiny textures - they give unnecessary glare in the photo.

Step 5

Wedding cosmetics exclude too dark and bright colors - they look rough in bright sunlight. Moreover, these shades do not look very good in photographs. For dark eyes, choose taupe eyeshadow and black mascara. A warm golden-beige palette complemented by brown mascara is suitable for blondes, and swamp-green shades are suitable for red-haired beauties.

Step 6

When choosing a lipstick, opt for long-lasting formulas and pastel shades that do not require permanent correction. For a more delicate make-up, you can choose a non-sticky glitter without large glitters.

Step 7

Don't forget about your manicure. Usually brides choose white or pale pink varnishes with glitter. But you can try a more intense color - deep pink, mint green, lilac, or even classic red. The shade of the varnish should match the flowers in the bouquet and not contradict the makeup.

Step 8

Consider a festive hairstyle. Today, fantasy bunches, complemented by pigtails and curled curls, are especially popular. You can pin a chignon to short hair, which will look beautiful with a veil.

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