How To Apply Makeup For Big Eyes

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How To Apply Makeup For Big Eyes
How To Apply Makeup For Big Eyes

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Big eyes and without makeup look natural, attractive, bewitching. Housewives of such dignity, if they wish to make up eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids, should first of all take into account the specifics of their appearance. With sloppy, aggressive, fancy makeup, big eyes can look too theatrical.

How to apply makeup for big eyes
How to apply makeup for big eyes

It is necessary

  • - shadows;
  • - liquid eyeliner;
  • - pencil;
  • - lengthening mascara.


Step 1

Big eyes do not require visual enlargement with the help of cosmetics, so it is enough to make them an elegant frame, and they will acquire zest and depth. Use the thinnest and smoothest lines possible; for this, a liquid eyeliner or a sharpened soft pencil will come to the rescue. In order not to "open up" the eyes even more, apply the eyelid contour not over the lash line, but on the inside of the eyelid.

Step 2

It is the dark shadows that will allow you to express the depth of large eyes. If you do daytime makeup, opt for soothing gray or beige tones. They will not enlarge the eyelids, but only favorably set them off. Apply the paint to the center of the movable eyelid and blend in both directions, only half a centimeter beyond the boundaries of the eyelid. White shadows combined with dark ones too round the already open look of large eyes. However, a little can still be applied to the inner corners of the eyelids.

Step 3

With the help of cosmetics, you can visually correct the shape of the eyes, hide the convex or lengthen the rounded shape. For large bulging eyes, apply dark shadows to the entire movable eyelid to the crease. Cover the middle of the eyelid with the darkest tone. Avoid milky and pearlescent shades - they will only enhance the effect of the eyes on roll-out. It is better to give rounded eyes an almond shape - with the help of a pencil and shadows, extend the line of the lower eyelid beyond the border of the eyes towards the temples.

Step 4

Large eyes with eyelashes painted with voluminous mascara look bold and even rude. Longer lashes are permissible, but with only a small amount of makeup in one layer. By the way, you can only apply mascara to the upper eyelashes. Blondes and redheads with light eyelashes should give preference to brown mascara, which can also be applied to the lower eyelashes.

Step 5

Pay special attention to the contour of the eyebrows. It is impossible to narrow the eyebrows - big eyes look harmonious only under wide, but neat eyebrows. The shape can be any - from an arc to a straight line. Tint them in a natural color, adding density, and they will serve as a great frame for great makeup for large eyes.

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