How To Choose Makeup For Brown Eyes

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How To Choose Makeup For Brown Eyes
How To Choose Makeup For Brown Eyes

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Some people find brown eye color boring and ordinary. This opinion is wrong. Makeup that correctly emphasizes dignity can make brown eyes bright, deep and mesmerizing.

How to choose makeup for brown eyes
How to choose makeup for brown eyes


Step 1

A sloppy and carelessly executed make-up will ruin the whole impression. Therefore, start your makeup by preparing your eyes for applying eyeshadow and mascara. The shadows fit well and do not roll if the skin is moisturized with a special cream designed to care for this area. If you have circles under the eyes, mask them with concealer.

Step 2

Pick an eye shadow that best suits your eye shade, or if you have light brown eyes, opt for blues, lilacs, and purples. The shadows of these colors contrast strongly with brown eyes, making them bright and expressive. However, if the whites of your eyes are yellowish, it is best not to use purple hues, as they will exacerbate the yellowness.

Step 3

Dark brown eyes are best accentuated with shades of pink. But this is only possible if your skin is perfect and there are no noticeable red streaks in the whites of your eyes. Otherwise, pink eyeshadow will give your face an unhealthy color. If you cannot boast of snow-white whites and perfect skin, accentuate your dark brown eyes with shades of blue, yellow or beige.

Step 4

Make-up for brown eyes with a golden hue is best done with contrasting shadows, for example, lilac and pearlescent white or gray-blue and golden brown.

Step 5

If your eyes have copper sparkles, accentuate them with different shades of green. Khaki shades are especially suitable for you.

Step 6

Hazel hazel eyes can be enhanced with light pink eyeshadow and black eyeliner.

Step 7

Orange eyeshadow for brown eyes should not be used regardless of their shade.

Step 8

If you want to lighten your eyes with black eyeliner, use a lighter shade of eyeshadow, otherwise your makeup will look cluttered. In addition to black eyeliner, experiment with colored eyeliners and pencils. Purple eyeliner, for example, almost always favorably sets off brown eyes.

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