How To Visually Make The Eyes Already

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How To Visually Make The Eyes Already
How To Visually Make The Eyes Already

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The main task of makeup is to correct the flaws in appearance and highlight its advantages. Very often, the competent use of decorative cosmetics will help avoid a visit to a plastic surgeon. Proper makeup will smooth out disproportionate features and narrow wide eyes.

How to visually make the eyes already
How to visually make the eyes already


Step 1

Choose darker shades for your makeup. Pencils, shadows and eyeliners of this color visually deepen the fit of the eye.

Step 2

To bring the eyes that are too wide set a little closer, use makeup to focus on the bridge of the nose and on the inner corners of the eyes. Accentuate the line of the lower and upper eyelids with dark shadows. Draw dark streaks along the lash line. Carefully paint with the contour and shadows of the lines of the eyelids, which are closer to the bridge of the nose. Darken the area around the bridge of the nose a little, and lighten the area near the temples with light shadows. This will visually narrow the eyes.

Step 3

To reduce the eyes will help "cat" makeup. The effect of "cat's look" is achieved in this way: apply light shadows under the eyebrow, and dark - on the upper eyelid. Blend them so that they spread out to the sides and go beyond the outer corners of the eyes. Form a kind of arrows. Use a dark eyeliner or pencil to draw sharper arrows and outline the lash lines. You will not only make your eyes smaller, but also retain their expressiveness.

Step 4

You can visually enlarge your eyes with a contour pencil. Draw lines slightly below and just above the eyelids, then blend them thoroughly.

Step 5

If you want to accentuate the slanting section of your eyes, apply shadows in stripes and arrange them diagonally. Light in the middle, dark on the sides. Blend the borders between them well.

Step 6

Run the eyeliner over your upper eyelid to lengthen and narrow your eyes at the same time. Draw a line from the outside of the eye outside of it. Maintain the direction of the line to the side and slightly up. Make the tip of this strip slightly thinner than the middle. Using the shadows below, draw a similar line or a little shorter. Blend it to the side. Using shadows, rub the top liner up and to the side. Cover your eyelashes with mascara not directly, but tangentially.

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