How To Do Makeup For School

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How To Do Makeup For School
How To Do Makeup For School

Video: How To Do Makeup For School

Video: How To Do Makeup For School
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Makeup and school, these two words are somehow not very compatible with each other. Of course, we can only discuss makeup for high school girls, who need it mostly in their free time to emphasize their brightness a little.

How to do makeup for school
How to do makeup for school


Step 1

So, agree that it is better to go to school without makeup. But every rule is not without exceptions. The facial skin of high school girls sometimes leaves much to be desired; in such cases, they try to hide some imperfections with the help of cosmetics. It must be remembered that all the products you use must be natural, non-allergenic and have light shades.

Step 2

For school makeup, you can use a carefully applied foundation to match your skin tone.

Step 3

Today it is fashionable to use eyeliner, but, most likely, this is cosmetics for adults, and if it is made in black, it visually makes you older. If you really want to use eyeliner, it is better to prefer brown and refuse any shadows, so as not to spoil the overall impression of the makeup.

Step 4

Going to school, it is wiser to refuse to use powder altogether, or at least to apply it on a face moisturized with a cream.

Step 5

Daytime makeup should be completely invisible, it is not so easy to achieve such an effect. If your natural lip color is bright and juicy, try not to use lipstick as long as possible, no lipstick can replace the beauty of the natural lips of a young beauty. But not everyone is given to have cherry lips by nature. Young girls with pale lips are advised to use a transparent gloss, light lipstick to match the skin tone and an inconspicuous lip liner.

Step 6

It is best if the mascara is brown to make school makeup less flashy. The black color of the mascara is too visible and not very suitable for young girls. It is advisable to apply mascara very carefully, excess paint looks careless, and it can simply spread over the face at the most inopportune moment. Think twice before applying cosmetics to your delicate face, 90% of beauty is healthy and youthful skin.