How Best To Apply Foundation

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How Best To Apply Foundation
How Best To Apply Foundation

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Foundation is a make-up product that helps to hide minor imperfections, improve complexion and protect the skin from natural phenomena. The composition of tonal means includes moisture, fat, powder and pigments, as well as nourishing, healing and protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation. A properly selected and applied foundation can mask pimples, blemishes, redness, etc.

How best to apply foundation
How best to apply foundation


Step 1

Before applying foundation, moisturize your skin with day cream, let it sit for 5-10 minutes to absorb, and pat skin dry with a paper towel to remove excess cream.

Step 2

Then, with light circular movements, apply the foundation from the center of the face to the edges, otherwise you can not hide, but, on the contrary, accentuate the pores and fine wrinkles.

Step 3

Depending on the consistency of the foundation, you can apply it with your fingers or a sponge. In the first case, squeeze a little product into the palm of your hand and gently hammer into the skin in small portions using your fingertips. Then, with a fine-pored sponge, gently "squeeze" the cream, removing excess and making the tone more even. When applying foundation with a sponge, slightly moisten it with water before use, and after use, rinse with warm water and dry.

Step 4

To make your face look more natural, never put cream on top of it in large portions. Apply the product in small peas all over the face. For a beautiful, even tone and healthy shine, mix equal proportions of foundation and moisturizing liquid cream and apply the resulting mixture to your face with a damp sponge.

Step 5

If you've chosen the right shade of foundation, don't apply it to your neck either. The main thing is to blend the border well. Pay special attention to the hairline, where the tone must also be carefully shaded.

Step 6

Keep in mind that natural skin tone can change. If, for example, on some day your skin is paler than usual, the foundation may be too dark. To create the perfect tone, mix it with either a white foundation or your regular moisturizer.

Step 7

For a fresh and radiant complexion, use a shimmering foundation that contains light-scattering optical pigments.

Step 8

Before going to bed, be sure to wash off the foundation, and after cleansing your face, apply a nourishing cream.

Step 9

When buying a foundation, keep in mind that it cannot radically change the complexion, but only evens it out and makes it more beautiful and harmonious. To check the color, apply a small amount to your cheek or chin and wait about 10 minutes. This is necessary, since almost all foundation creams darken a little during this time, and therefore they will look different than when applied. Choose a shade that matches your natural skin tone as much as possible after 10 minutes.

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