How To Paint Over A Bruise

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How To Paint Over A Bruise
How To Paint Over A Bruise

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Sometimes you cling to the corner of the table with your foot or hip, touch the sharp corner of the door with your hand, and now, the very next day, on the bruised place you see an ugly and such frightening bruise. What to do, how to go out with such a person on the street?

How to paint over a bruise
How to paint over a bruise


Step 1

With a strong unexpected blow, the subcutaneous vessels burst and blood enters the surrounding tissues. At first it looks like just a dark spot, then it turns into a blue or purple bruise. Over time, the bruise dissolves and the bruise gradually turns green and yellow. It disappears completely, depending on the structure of the skin, after about 3-4 weeks.

Step 2

All this time, the bruise will give you some inconvenience. What can be done to disguise it?

In case of a strong blow, immediately try to apply ice to the bruised area or at least a towel soaked in cold water. By cooling the capillaries in this way, you stop excessive bleeding from the vessels. And in the future, the dark spot from the leaked blood will be much smaller.

Step 3

Preparations with leech saliva or vitamin P also reduce the size of the hematoma. So, if you have such ointments in your medicine cabinet, be sure to use them in the first minutes. From folk remedies, it is recommended to apply a cabbage leaf to a bruise.

Step 4

If it was not possible to escape from the bruise, then it must be masked. To do this, apply the basic rules of makeup.

Step 5

Your hematoma has turned brown - you need to use a pink corrector. If the stain is greenish, use a pencil with a red tint.

Step 6

Then choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. It should be a lighter shade than usual and slightly greasy. Then gently powder everything. During the day, you will have to constantly tint the bruised area. Do this carefully, without pressing hard on the vessels.

Step 7

If the bruise is on the face, then additionally apply blush, choose shades of such shades that will not be very dark, so as not to aggravate the effect and not draw undue attention to the bruise.

Step 8

If there is a bruise on the shoulder, then you may still have to walk around with your hands closed for a while, so as not to cause suspicious glances and tactless questions.

Step 9

Or you can make a drawing, a temporary tattoo on your arm, which you can apply on the bruise. Or just stick on a decal, which will also temporarily save the day. And it will even look original.

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