How To Paint Eyes For Brunettes

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How To Paint Eyes For Brunettes
How To Paint Eyes For Brunettes

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Nothing can attract men more than the captivating, fatal gaze of a beautiful stranger. A light flick of the eyelashes and the glow of the eye color - and the man is charmed and subdued. At the same time, unfortunately, not every woman has big, beautiful eyes and black, fluffy eyelashes. Here, the right makeup will come to your rescue. After all, it is precisely the correctly selected mascara and shadows that will not only be able to emphasize all the advantages of your eyes, but also mask the flaws.

How to paint eyes for brunettes
How to paint eyes for brunettes


Step 1

Brunettes with light skin and blue eyes should use black pencil, gray or blue shadows, black or dark blue mascara for eyebrows.

Step 2

For brunettes with dark skin and dark eyes, use a black eyebrow pencil, light green eye shadow, or matching eye color and black mascara best.

Step 3

To visually enlarge the eyes of brunettes, light colors will help: silver, beige, cream, white shades, which must be applied to the eyelids, under the eyebrows.

Step 4

To make the eyes more expressive in swarthy ladies will help the eye contour emphasized with a pearlescent shade.

Step 5

You can accentuate dark eyes by applying different shades of shadows on top of each other. The yellow-brown scale will look beautiful.

Step 6

For brunettes with wide-set eyes, it is necessary to draw the contour of the inner corner of the eyes. It should be held wider at the bridge of the nose. At the same time, you do not need to draw the outer corner. The darkest shade should be applied to the inside of the eye and shaded up towards the eyebrow.

Step 7

For brunettes with close-set eyes, you need to shade the incision with a contour pencil, starting from the middle of the lower and upper eyelids, and following to the outer corners of the eyes. Shadows in the area of ​​the inner corners of the eyes and the bridge of the nose, apply very light, and from the middle of the eyes - a darker color. The last shadows need to be shaded up and to the side.

Step 8

Brunettes with narrow eyes need to expand them optically. You can make them visually larger using a contour pencil: shade the lower and upper eyelids, stepping back slightly from the ciliary edge, and then slightly blend the line.

Step 9

Brunettes with "falling" eyes have a rather sad expression on their faces. And, in order to visually "raise" them, apply shadows near the outermost corner of the eye. Then draw the contour line along the upper lash line. It should protrude slightly towards the temple. Also parallel the bottom liner. Use the brightest accent color at the outer corner of the eye.

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