How To Do Makeup Quickly And Beautifully

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How To Do Makeup Quickly And Beautifully
How To Do Makeup Quickly And Beautifully

Video: How To Do Makeup Quickly And Beautifully

Video: How To Do Makeup Quickly And Beautifully
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For the fair sex, makeup is a kind of ritual that they perform every morning. If you hone your actions to the point of automatism, you will be able to "draw" a face for yourself in any conditions - both with a lack of time and in field conditions.

How to do makeup quickly and beautifully
How to do makeup quickly and beautifully

It is necessary

  • - cleanser;
  • - foundation / fluid;
  • - powder;
  • - blush;
  • - gray shadows;
  • - Eyeliner;
  • - black ink;
  • - neutral lip pencil;
  • - lipstick or gloss.


Step 1

Cleanse your face with a product that suits your skin type - water, toner or milk. Now you need to protect your skin with a moisturizer or makeup base. The base coat makes the face look smoother. Apply a foundation or fluid, select its shade, focusing on the skin tone of the décolleté. If you are concerned about dark circles under the eyes, use a concealer lighter than your skin color.

Step 2

Use a large, round brush to apply loose or, if not available in your cosmetic bag, compact powder. With this action, you will fix the foundation and give the skin a matte finish. The excess powder can be removed with a fan-shaped brush or a clean napkin. Use a soft matte blush - it is very easy to overdo it with them, so it is better to choose a delicate shade that will not contrast with your skin color. Apply the blush to the prominent parts of the cheekbones. Blend the product thoroughly with light brush strokes.

Step 3

Spectacular smoky eye makeup does not go out of fashion, so mastering its implementation is simply necessary. Get a soft black, gray or brown pencil and draw a thick line with it closer to your lashes. Blend the eyeliner with a special sponge on the other end of the pencil or with an eye makeup brush. Apply the pearlescent smoky shades to the entire upper eyelid, making a gradual transition from dark to light - the darkest tone at the eyelashes flows into a light veil at the eyebrow. Apply dark shadows on the lower eyelid. Thoroughly paint over all the lashes with black mascara - this will complete your smoky eyes makeup.

Step 4

Lipstick or lip gloss will look smoother and last longer with a gentle exfoliation specially formulated for your lips. Choose a lip makeup that doesn't cause you allergies or dryness. Remember that a bright saturated lip color is only suitable for evening or holiday makeup. If you are focusing on eyes, lipstick or gloss, choose a natural shade, no glitter. Lip liner, if you decide to use it, take a neutral - just so that the lipstick does not spread throughout the day. This way, you will make a quick and beautiful makeup, which can be successfully repeated at any time.