Makeup For Blondes

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Makeup For Blondes
Makeup For Blondes

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Blondes took their dazzling appearance from nature. They are very attractive. In addition, if a blonde knows all the subtleties of makeup, she will be able to emphasize her perfection, making her look even more expressive.

Makeup for blondes
Makeup for blondes

The tones of stylish blondes makeup are completely dependent on the color of the skin and eyes, hair shades. It is more difficult for unnatural blondes to find makeup because their skin is darker in color.

A few tips on how to apply your daytime makeup correctly

In the daytime, make-up must be natural. Blondes have light-colored skin, eyebrows and eyelashes. Owners of white hair always have the risk of overdoing it when applying cosmetics, thereby making their makeup look defiant. In order for the makeup to be harmonious, you need to heed the advice of makeup artists and stylists. Girls with blonde hair need to focus on one thing when applying makeup: on the eyes or on the lips.

Pick up powder and blush

First, it is necessary to immediately exclude all thick tonal powders and creams as well. In the daytime, blondes are required to apply light, barely noticeable natural makeup. A transparent and simple powder can be the perfect solution.

Blush should be very easy to apply to the skin. For a very easy blush application, you can use a wide natural bristle brush. You need to apply blush in a very thin layer. Try to focus on your cheekbones by adding a healthy glow to your cheeks.

Makeup artists strongly recommend blondes to use powders of light pink, pinkish-white tones, in combination with blush of pinkish-coral colors.

Applying eye makeup correctly

In the afternoon, fair-haired girls may not wear eyeshadow. Brown or gray mascara is perfect for everyday makeup. This will add significance, expressiveness and naturalness to your look. For eyebrows, you need to use not a pencil, but shadows, which are applied with a very thin brush. However, make-up artists advise against using bright black eyeliner or pencil, as it looks vulgar. To choose mascara, you need to pay attention to the shade of your eyes. Dark eyes will be just right to emphasize by painting them with brown mascara, blue, gray-green or gray eyes, it is preferable to paint them with mascara of blue colors. Brown-eyed blondes can use gray and bronze eyeshadow colors.

The right choice of lipstick and lip gloss

Matching your lipstick shade is the most important step during makeup application. Blondes can wear light and matte lipsticks with a shade of gray or beige. Bright and catchy lipstick colors can only be suitable for evening and festive blondes makeup.

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