How To Make An Expressive Face

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How To Make An Expressive Face
How To Make An Expressive Face

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The way to make your face expressive with makeup is called contouring. The effect of this method is simply amazing. If you do it correctly, other makeup elements will fade into the background - your face will look fresh and youthful even without them. You can just lightly line your eyes with a pencil, paint your eyelashes and apply gloss to your lips. And you look great.

How to make an expressive face
How to make an expressive face


Step 1

The essence of contouring is that with dark blush or bronzer you emphasize all the depressions on the face, and with light shades - the protruding parts. Just remember that the shade of the bronzer should match your natural skin tone. Contour your face with a medium makeup brush. It is better if it is made of natural bristles.

Step 2

To more accurately recognize where the hollow of the cheekbone is, place the brush against your cheek. Apply a dark blush (or regular bronzer) at the border of the hollow-to-hill transition.

Step 3

Then apply a dark shade to the hollows of the temples.

Step 4

Instead of eyeshadow, apply bronzer to the area just above the moving eyelid. This will visually deepen the look.

Step 5

Accentuate (or correct) the shape of the nose by applying a little bronzer to the sides and wings.

Step 6

Now it's the highlatter's turn. This is a cosmetic product that highlights certain areas of the face by lightening. It is a kind of relief corrector, with which you will give your face a sculptural clarity and hide wrinkles. Take a very light highlighter shade and apply it under the eyebrow, on the prominent cheekbones, nose and slightly above the border of the upper lip.

Step 7

Finish your face with a matching blush on your cheekbones. They will brighten your look.

Step 8

Now a little about the eyebrows. The expressiveness of the face and its clear proportions largely depend on the shape and color of the eyebrows. Their correct shape makes the face look younger and "opens" the eyes. The inner corner of the eyebrow should be on the same vertical line with the inner corner of the eye; the outer edge should not be lower than the inner edge, and it should be located on a tangent line drawn through the corner of the lips and the outer corner of the eye. You can tint your eyebrows with a special eyebrow pencil or makeup paints, as well as with gray or brown shadows. You can do this with a cosmetic pencil, lightly painting over the gaps between the hairs. In this case, the strokes should not be clear.

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