How To Thin Out Mascara

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How To Thin Out Mascara
How To Thin Out Mascara

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Dried mascara can be salvaged by adding a few drops of life-saving moisture. Various agents are used for dilution, depending on the condition of the mascara and the health of the eyes. If none of them helps, then it has not dried up, but has already ended. Some mascaras stop dyeing to the right extent after two times of use, it all depends on the volume and composition of the cosmetics.

How to thin out mascara
How to thin out mascara


Step 1

Add a few drops of boiled water. But you can do this if you do not have eye problems and allergic reactions. Water can provoke the development of pathogenic flora, which irritates the mucous membrane.

Step 2

If you use contact lenses and have a liquid to store them, use that. It will not affect the composition of the carcass, and will also inhibit the development of microbes.

Step 3

Eye drops are suitable for people with sensitive eyes. Use them as a thinner. If you drip into the eyes, then add the same drops to cosmetics. When two different substances come into contact, an unexpected reaction may occur, because the particles of the mascara fall on the mucous membrane.

Step 4

See what substance is included in cosmetics. If you see paraffin in the composition, just hold a tightly closed tube in a container of hot water for several minutes. Then shake well. The mascara will become like new and will also dye the eyelashes well, making them long and voluminous.

Step 5

If your mascara is not only dry, but also has an unpleasant smell, add a little alcohol to it. Shake and leave the tube open for a few hours. Add a little more liquid, but not alcohol, and shake well. This method will help "revive" even the oldest and driest mascara.

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