How To Paint Green Eyes

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How To Paint Green Eyes
How To Paint Green Eyes

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Green eyes can vary in shades, but they always remain mysterious, alluring and have a hypnotic effect. By correctly choosing shades of shadows, mascara and eyeliner, you can emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, the saturation of their color and shine.

How to paint green eyes
How to paint green eyes


Step 1

Choose the right shade depending on the shade of green eyes: soft tones of a brown palette, matte gold and green colors are perfect for daily makeup. Make up the base for eye makeup in grayish or peach versions. Evening make-up is brighter, so opt for lilac-violet and metallic colors. Do not apply shades of blue and cyan to your eyelids - these colors are not for you. Use pinkish eyeshadows with care, as they can create a teary-eyed effect.

Step 2

Apply a light base on the upper eyelid - the eyeshadow can be matte or pearlescent, depending on what kind of visual effect you want to achieve. With the lightest shadows from the chosen palette, cover the inner corner of the eye and bring a wide line to the middle of the eyelid. From this part, the shadows will gradually thicken - use the darkest shades. The eyeliner should be done either in the same color scheme with the main tone of the makeup, or in brown colors - black eyeliner creates too bright and unfortunate contrast with green eyes. You can also use a dark gray pencil. For festive makeup, pearlescent or golden eyeliner is suitable. Treat the lower edge of the eyelashes in the same way as the upper eyelid, that is, draw a line, which then blend well.

Step 3

Color your eyelashes. It is undesirable to use black mascara, it is better to take a dark brown shade or rich gray - they are more suitable for a soft eye color. These eyes are best painted with soft, soothing colors because they balance even the coldest shades of green.

Step 4

Consider the best color combinations for green eyes. If you use purple eyeshadow, then the depth of their color can be shaded with a smoky or thick chocolate scale applied to the outer corner of the eye from above and below. It is better not to mix makeup in brown shades with other colors - just pick up light and dark colors from this range. Pink eyeshadow is good as a base color, and green or dark purple eyeliner will help to emphasize their piquancy.

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