Makeup Basics: Secrets Of The Pros

Makeup Basics: Secrets Of The Pros
Makeup Basics: Secrets Of The Pros

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Make-up is an integral part of the life of most women, who have long elevated it into a kind of cult, making it an everyday ritual. However, you can emphasize your main advantages and hide flaws only with the help of knowledge of the basics of makeup, recommended by professional makeup artists.

Makeup Basics: Secrets of the Pros
Makeup Basics: Secrets of the Pros

Makeup styles

To create a sporty make-up style, you should use pastel colors, applying literally a few light and simple strokes to the eyes and lips. Romantic makeup requires delicate, slightly washed out tones, while contrasting, bright and rich shades are required to create evening makeup. In the classic style of makeup, colors of the same range are used, which are neatly shaded and smoothly blend into each other, so this "war paint" is appropriate for almost any situation. Professional make-up artists do not recommend young girls to get carried away with tonal means or too bright lipstick - this is the prerogative of older women.

The base foundation should always be applied to skin that has been previously cleansed and moisturized with a nourishing cream.

Eyeshadow foundations make it easy to apply eyeshadow, eyelash foundations add length and volume, face foundations make makeup last longer, and lip bases mask blemishes and smooth the surface. To mask small pimples, age spots or bruises under the eyes, it is recommended to use special concealers in green and yellow shades. The shade of the foundation must be close to the skin color, so when buying it is better to check it on the wrist or cheekbone. Loose powder is best used at home, while granular and pressed powder in small packages is convenient to carry. Blush should be soft on the skin and not roll into pellets, adjust the shape of the face.

Makeup creation

When choosing cosmetics, professional make-up artists recommend giving preference to eyeliners, which are of medium hardness, since they are best for drawing neat arrows. To get clear and bright arrows, it is advisable to choose a liquid eyeliner. The eyebrow pencil should be firm - it will help improve the eyebrow pattern and make its color more pronounced. It is better to choose a shade of lip liner a shade darker than lipstick - this will make the mouth more expressive and clearly defined. At the same time, you should avoid pencils that are too soft, which will not give a thin clear line and will be smeared.

It is not recommended for women with oily skin to use liquid, pressed or loose eyeshadows.

To make your look more expressive, you can use black or brown mascara with a curling, voluminous or lengthening effect. To get an open, shiny look, apply some lighter shade under the brow, then apply mascara first to the tips of the lashes and then straight up from the roots. Owners of small eyes should not let them down along the inner side of the eyelid, as this will further reduce the size of the eyes. To make the nose more neat and ovate a round face, you need to apply dark blush longitudinally under the cheekbones, and make a few light strokes above the cheekbones. At the same time, dark tones of blush and foundation should not be used on tanned skin - it is better to give preference to peach shades.

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