How To Do Bridal Makeup: Stylish Tips For Brunettes

How To Do Bridal Makeup: Stylish Tips For Brunettes
How To Do Bridal Makeup: Stylish Tips For Brunettes

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Bright, but at the same time sophisticated, delicate bridal makeup is able to emphasize the natural beauty of a dark-haired bride. On such a solemn day, it is very important for a girl to look truly flawless.

How to do bridal makeup: stylish tips for brunettes
How to do bridal makeup: stylish tips for brunettes

The appearance of brunettes is quite bright, catchy. It is important for such women to learn how to choose the right shades of cosmetics and skillfully combine them with each other. When creating wedding makeup, remember that it should emphasize the girl's natural beauty, her tenderness, femininity and sophistication.

Before you start applying decorative cosmetics, you need to cleanse your face, apply a moisturizer on it. A few days before the wedding, it is advisable to treat your face with a scrub, to carry out a deep care procedure. This will even out the surface of the skin, giving it a fresh, radiant look.

After the face and neck are prepared, you should decide on the areas that need correction. To make under-eye circles less noticeable, apply concealer to the lower eyelids. This cosmetic product should be one tone lighter than the basic skin tone. It is desirable that reflective particles are present in it.

With a creamy concealer, you can also mask facial inflammation, age spots and other blemishes.

To even out the surface of the skin, to give it a uniform shade, you need to carefully spread the foundation over the surface of the face and neck. His shade should perfectly match the skin tone. It is better to opt for cosmetic products with a very light texture so that the makeup looks as natural as possible.

Cheekbones can be accentuated with a neutral blush. They should not be applied in a thick layer. They just have to give the face freshness.

Eye makeup should start with the distribution of a lighter shade of shadows over the entire movable eyelid. When choosing a shade of shadows, it is important to take into account the bride's belonging to a certain color type. Girls with a pinkish skin tone, blue-black hair color belong to the winter color type. Cold shades of cosmetics are perfect for them. In this case, you should give preference to shades of silver, white, light green, gray, pinkish tones.

Swarthy brunettes with a yellowish skin tone belong to the autumn color type. Makeup done in warm colors suits them. Preference should be given to creamy, light brown, dark green, purple shades of cosmetics.

The outer corner of the eye should be emphasized with shadows of a darker shade and shaded well. The upper eyelids should be drawn with a dark green, gray, purple, brown pencil. You can curl your lashes slightly with tongs and apply a little mascara to them.

The black shade of the pencil and eyeliner is suitable only for bright representatives of the winter color type, but it is not quite appropriate for wedding makeup.

Lips should be contoured with a cosmetic pencil and lipstick should be spread over their surface using a special brush. It is important that the shade of the contour matches perfectly with the shade of the lipstick or is slightly lighter than it. Dark-haired brides should choose neutral lipsticks. Its color should not be too bright, but at the same time, it should not be lost against the background of the girl's catchy appearance. In this case, cosmetic products in beige, coral, peach and rosewood tones are ideal.

To give lipstick durability, you can lightly blot your painted lips with a napkin. A little gloss can be applied to the center of the lips. This technique helps to give them extra volume.

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