Beautiful Eye Makeup: A Step-by-step Description

Beautiful Eye Makeup: A Step-by-step Description
Beautiful Eye Makeup: A Step-by-step Description

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To make a successful eye makeup, it is important to choose the right makeup and apply it consistently. Shadows, mascara, eyeliner and other products will last as long as possible and will look fresh. Learn a few secrets of professional makeup artists to help you create a beautiful look.

Beautiful eye makeup: a step-by-step description
Beautiful eye makeup: a step-by-step description

Before starting your eye makeup, treat the skin around them. It is worth doing this even if you are not using foundation. A properly selected base will even out the skin, remove an unhealthy shade, hide burst capillaries, wrinkles and other minor imperfections.

Apply a leveling foundation to a face cleansed with toner or lotion. If the skin around the eyes has lost its tone, revitalize it with a firming and brightening serum. It absorbs quickly and lasts all day. Use your fingertips to rub a couple of drops of the concentrate into the skin around your eyes.

Apply a small amount of Smoothing Foundation to your eyelids for extra long-lasting makeup. It will help to better show the color of decorative cosmetics and fix it well. Retouch the under-eye area with a beige-based concealer. Spread it with a small latex sponge in a triangle or diamond shape, it helps to apply the product very accurately. Spread the concealer with a gentle, patting motion. This method will help to mask imperfections well, while the face will not look overloaded with makeup.

When shaping your eye, do not forget about the eyebrows. Correct arcs with tweezers and touch up with shadows or pencil

Powder the area around the eyes with a soft, flat brush. Use a very finely ground translucent powder that does not collect in the creases of your eyelids and does not weigh down your makeup.

The next step is to apply shadows. Use a compressed powder, cream, or gel product by spreading with the applicator, brush, or fingertips. The lightest coating is provided by a brush made of natural bristles, the most dense application is guaranteed by an applicator pre-moistened with water. Spread the base color shadow over the moving lid and blend the color borders well. For everyday makeup, shadows in beige, pale gray, greenish or reddish brown are suitable.

If you want to accentuate the shape of your eyes, use a pencil, cream, gel, or liquid pigment. Apply eyeliner to the very edge of the eyelid, as close to the roots of the lashes as possible. Proceed very gently, holding the eyelid with your fingers. Lower eyelids can also be drawn. In this case, the eyeliner lines need to be connected, otherwise the makeup will look unfinished. Use a thin, curved brush or an obliquely trimmed, dense bristle tool.

Before dyeing, the eyelashes can be curled with special tongs. Never do this after mascara has been applied to your eyelashes, otherwise the hairs may break off.

Finally, apply mascara to your lashes. An extension product is suitable for everyday make-up; mascara with the effect of artificial eyelashes looks very beautiful in the evening. Color the top hairs first, keeping the brush parallel to the eyelid. Paint short eyelashes in the corners of the eye with the very tip of the brush, keeping it perpendicular to the eye. If you like brighter makeup, use two layers of mascara. Remove excess paint with a clean brush or cotton swab.

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