How To Apply Autumn Makeup Correctly

How To Apply Autumn Makeup Correctly
How To Apply Autumn Makeup Correctly

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Autumn is the most sensual and mild season. It was at this time that one so longs for the warmth and tenderness of the last rays of the sun. Autumn makeup, as a rule, is made in a warm and cheerful tones, after a bright, cheerful and a little reckless summer, autumn colors used in makeup evoke calmness and comfort.

How to apply autumn makeup correctly
How to apply autumn makeup correctly

Barely noticeable blush on the cheekbones, perfect complexion, bright and seductive lips - all this is a high-quality makeup. The color scheme of the autumn make-up always looks luxurious, because these are dark coral tones, burgundy and ruby ​​shades. Makeup for the fall should be flawless, appropriate and always persistent. In most cases, the focus is on the lips. However, do not forget that in this case, the eyes should not be too bright. Instead of rich, vibrant eyeshadows, their natural warm shades are used. A drop of lip gloss applied over the lipstick will add special femininity and sophistication.

Often, fall makeup has to start by masking the yellow circles under the eyes. A concealer that is lighter than the chosen foundation will help to cope with them.

It is more convenient to apply the foundation with a wide brush, or you can simply use your fingertips.

Terracotta powder is perfect for this time of year. Powder with bronze reflective particles will look great on tanned skin. A small amount of bronzing powder or blush will help shape the perfect face and give it a healthy, fresh look.

If you dare to create makeup, in which bright lipstick is chosen as the main accent, make sure that your face does not appear too pale against its background. You can avoid this by using blush. When choosing a blush, pay attention, first of all, to natural shades, terracotta and reddish brown colors are perfect. For fans of lighter colors, you can pick up cosmetics of the orange palette.

Make-up artists advise not to use dark colors and clear lines in autumn; soft and effective makeup should be obtained through halftones and careful shading. Try to emphasize eyelashes and eyebrows with a smooth, muted line. To draw the hairs, it is recommended to use shadows that match the color, and choose brown or gray-brown mascara.

You can highlight the cilia with a darker mascara, for example, black or dark green, but in this case it is necessary to apply it in one layer.

Autumn eye makeup involves the use of greenish or brownish shades. Swamp shades are perfect. A bright interesting effect will create a combination of brown and warm yellow tones or blue and brown. Try to avoid cold colors and pearlescent sheen. To highlight the eyes, make them deeper and more expressive, you can use the kayal of an earthy brown color. It is advisable to abandon the black eyeliner, it is better to replace it with gray or dark brown.

Lipsticks with pearlescent or silver shades are completely unsuitable for autumn makeup. If you want to add a touch of shine, then opt for a golden glow. Warm red, rusty and copper lipsticks are perfect. Such lipstick will put the main emphasis in makeup on the lips, so do not forget to take this into account when choosing shadows. If your makeup doesn't involve bright lips, you can use salmon lipstick.

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