Makeup Without Mistakes: The Most Important Tips

Makeup Without Mistakes: The Most Important Tips
Makeup Without Mistakes: The Most Important Tips

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Properly applied makeup can dramatically improve your appearance. But mistakes will nullify all efforts. Smeared mascara, an unsuccessful shade of foundation or inept sculpting will ruin even a very beautiful face, and inappropriate cosmetics can provoke skin problems.

Makeup without mistakes: the most important tips
Makeup without mistakes: the most important tips

A very common mistake is incorrectly selected tonal means. There are many options on the market for creams and mousses to even out the color and texture of the skin. The choice depends on its type. Oily skin needs a light, oil-free foundation that slightly mattifies the face. For dry, mild creamy products are needed, and for skin with noticeable defects, a leveling base based on silicones is needed. Do not apply products to normal to dry skin, they can cause flaking.

Make sure your foundation is a perfect match in color to your skin. Products that are too dark will look rough and give the face an earthy tint. Overly light foundation will make your face look flat and lifeless. For perfect results, you can mix and match foundations with a moisturizer or a drop of self-tanner.

When choosing cosmetics in a store, use testers. You will be able to appreciate the density of funds, color nuances, the presence of shine and other subtleties.

Do not try to cover pimples or scars with cream. For spot concealment, use a dense concealer that lightens your skin tone. Apply it with a brush or the pad of your finger and blend the borders carefully.

When doing makeup, make sure that the complexion matches the skin tone on the neck, arms, décolleté. A noticeable border along the jawline and temples looks very ugly. In order not to accentuate the wrinkles and folds, do not smear the cream, but drive it into the skin with a sponge, flat brush, or fingertips.

An excess of bronzers and highlighters looks very unnatural. Apply glittering powders and creams pointwise, highlighting only the cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose. With a bronzer, you can outline the contours of the face and emphasize the cheekbones. Rub the lines thoroughly with a fluffy brush to prevent makeup stains.

Blush requires careful application and the right shade. Don't use a dark reddish brown or purple blush, they are only good for themed makeup. In everyday life, pink, apricot and reddish colors look much better. Apply the blush in layers, and muffle too bright shades with a loose powder brush. Apply the product to the "apples" of the cheeks - the places that are especially clearly visible when you smile. Rub the shade well with a brush, moving towards the temples and chin. The two distinct stripes on the cheekbones look very old-fashioned.

Keep clean brushes and cotton swabs handy when doing makeup. With their help, you can remove excess makeup.

Choose your lipstick shade carefully. Warm beige-pink, reddish, apricot or berry colors look best. Too dark lipsticks age and make lips thinner and flatter. Avoid dry long-lasting lipsticks as they clog into the folds of the lips and look very messy. It is much more convenient and pleasant to use fashionable lipsticks, gloss, soft products with a balsam texture, liquid pigments, on which soft developers are applied.

If you are using a lip liner, choose a shade that matches your lipstick perfectly. Dark lines that stand out clearly on the lips look rough and ruin even the most beautiful makeup. A convenient alternative to colored pencils is a transparent stick that prevents lipstick from smudging.

When doing eye makeup, do not apply more than 3 shades of eyeshadow at the same time.For the day, you should limit yourself to one color, in the evening you can additionally darken the corners of the eyes and lighten the space under the eyebrow. To make the colored shadows look brighter and last longer, apply them on a special base or overlay a thin layer of white background shadows.

The uneven line of the eyeliner spoils the makeup very much. If you don't know how to draw sharp arrows, line your eyes with a soft pencil or cream liner, and then blend the line with the applicator. This method will soften the look and make the makeup look neater. Don't limit yourself to the usual black pencil. Dark brown, gray or blue shades look just as good and highlight the color of the eyes beautifully.

To prevent mascara from crumbling, use only fresh, non-dried product. Apply the paint in thin layers, removing the excess with a cotton swab. If lumps form on the brush, rinse it with warm water. Mascara will fit better and be used more economically.

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