All About Permanent Makeup And Tattoo

All About Permanent Makeup And Tattoo
All About Permanent Makeup And Tattoo

According to research by major cosmetics companies, women spend 20 to 60 minutes on makeup every day. If we assume that the average time for applying decorative cosmetics is 30 minutes, and multiply this number by 365 days, we get 182.5 hours or 7.6 days. For women who do not have the opportunity or desire to spend so much time on putting their face in order, professional cosmetology offers permanent makeup.

All about permanent makeup and tattooing
All about permanent makeup and tattooing

Permanent makeup is used to correct the color and shape of certain parts of the face, for example, lips, eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids, cheekbones. The procedure is the introduction of plant or mineral dyes into the upper subcutaneous layer using a very thin needle. Permanent makeup allows you to emphasize the initially dull contours of the lips, give them the desired shade, visually make the eyelashes thicker, and the eyes themselves - more, highlight the cheekbones. In addition to the decorative effect, it helps to mask small scars, vitiligo spots, the effects of adolescent acne. Thanks to permanent makeup, a woman can look attractive, regardless of the time of day.

In relation to permanent makeup, the term "tattoo" is often used. This is not entirely correct. According to European standards of cosmetology, tattooing means applying an artistic tattoo on the body, and permanent makeup means creating sustainable makeup by micropigmenting individual areas of the facial skin. Thus, when it comes to cosmetic correction in the face area, it is more appropriate to use the term "permanent makeup".

There are a number of contraindications for permanent makeup. First of all, they are blood clotting disorders, systemic autoimmune diseases, the presence of neoplasms and damage to the integrity of the skin in the places of the proposed correction, pregnancy and breastfeeding, epilepsy, individual intolerance to anesthetics and dye components.

It is also not recommended to do permanent makeup against the background of general ill health, stressful situations, critical days.

There are 2 types of permanent eyebrow makeup. In the first case, the master draws a continuous line, creating the effect of drawn eyebrows, in the second, he draws each hair, which gives the eyebrows a more natural look. The woman pre-selects the desired shape of the eyebrows, focusing on the latest makeup trends, and the specialist helps to optimize it, taking into account the peculiarities of the structure of the client's face. When choosing a shade, remember that the eyebrows should be at least half tone darker than the hair.

Permanent eye makeup includes upper and lower eyeliner. This procedure is less popular than permanent makeup for eyebrows and lips. Most often they decide on it so as not to draw “arrows” before our eyes every day. At the request of the client, the eyeliner can be natural or decorative, when the line goes beyond the outer corner of the eye, changing its shape. The easiest option is to emphasize the upper eyelid by filling the space between the eyelashes with dots and strokes. The eyelashes will appear thicker and fluffier.

The most in demand is permanent lip makeup. The procedure consists of drawing the outline and shading. It is important to choose the correct pigment. Only a specialist can predict how he will behave on his lips after a while. If necessary, the work is corrected after a month.

The result of permanent make-up can last from 3 to 5 years, depending on the rate of regeneration of the facial skin. To prolong it, you need proper facial care after the procedure. Do not be afraid of puffiness, this is a normal skin reaction to mechanical stress.During the first day, rinse the treated area with cool boiled water. This will prevent the crust from forming too thick. If it does, you can use baby cream or oil. In no case should the crusts be torn off, they must separate on their own. From the second day, the use of healing creams, for example, "D-Panthenol", is shown. If you have made permanent lip makeup, you should forget about hot meals and drinks for a week. Baths, saunas, solariums are contraindicated. Scrubs, brightening creams and cosmetics with active fruit acids contribute to the fading of the pigment, it makes sense to refuse them. After the descent of the crusts, it is advisable to use sunscreen for 3-4 weeks to avoid the formation of age spots.

Permanent makeup is not the easiest and most harmless procedure. An incompetent craftsman can cause serious harm, both aesthetic and physical. It is important to approach the choice of a specialist with maximum responsibility and find out in advance what dyes and equipment he works with.

A good master will never take at home. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with his work in the photo, and even better - live. It will not be superfluous to read and listen to what his clients say about him.

Make every effort to find a good master, and then permanent makeup will give you joy and self-confidence.

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