How To Do Makeup At Home

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How To Do Makeup At Home
How To Do Makeup At Home

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To make a modern make-up that emphasizes all the advantages of appearance, it is not necessary to turn to professional make-up artists. The key to success is accuracy and properly selected cosmetics.

How to do makeup at home
How to do makeup at home

How to do natural makeup at home

The task of everyday makeup is to hide minor flaws in appearance and emphasize its advantages. It is important not to overdo it with makeup: a thick layer of tone, powder and eyeshadow looks alien in daylight.

Before work, the skin is cleaned with an alcohol-free tonic or floral hydrolat. A light day cream or gel is applied to a damp face. It is advisable to choose products with sunscreen filters, it will come in handy not only in summer. Such a cream will protect the skin from pigmentation and help the tone to lie perfectly evenly.

For discreet makeup, use a liquid foundation with reflective particles. They give the skin a vibrant shine and fresh look, visually rejuvenate and hide minor imperfections. The tone is applied with light patting movements. You can use special sponges, slightly moistened with water, or your own fingers.

The toned face is powdered with a translucent loose powder of a natural shade. A completely transparent product is also suitable. Its task is not to color the skin, but to give it a more well-groomed look. A rosy-beige blush is applied to the cheeks and cheekbones, this versatile tone perfectly refreshes.

It is better not to use sculptors and bronzers in daytime makeup, shiny highlighters will also be superfluous. A tan-colored powder will help to slightly narrow a wide face; it is applied along the contour with a wide fluffy brush.

Dry or creamy shadows are capable of emphasizing a beautiful cut of the eyes: beige, grayish brown, sandy. They are applied to the movable eyelid with a dense brush, carefully shading the borders. A good alternative for daytime makeup is soft eyeshadow in a pencil. They outline the contours of the eye, carefully shading the lines with a soft sponge. The effect of smoky eyes is obtained. It remains to tint the eyelashes with lengthening black, brown or gray mascara.

Lips are shaped with lipstick-balm, soft gloss without sparkling particles. A fashionable option is a liquid matte lipstick in a natural shade. It is quickly applied and fixed well without smearing throughout the day.

Evening makeup: simple and effective

In the evening, you can add bright and deep colors. Instead of light daytime blush, more saturated shades are used: coral, pink-lilac, red or burgundy. It is important to carefully blend them with a soft, wide brush to avoid staining.

Eye makeup will be complemented by beautiful arrows. It is convenient to paint them with a thin brush or a damp sponge. The line is marked with a pencil, and then painted over with black or chocolate eyeliner. Shiny hands with the smallest shimmer look especially impressive.

Lips can be accentuated with bright lipstick with a moist gloss. It is applied with a flat brush in several layers, carefully outlining the contour. A very possible option is a pencil with a metallic sheen. It makes lips plump, adds volume and lasts for several hours without requiring correction.

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