Perfect Everyday Makeup For Blond Girls

Perfect Everyday Makeup For Blond Girls
Perfect Everyday Makeup For Blond Girls

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Delicate blonde girls will become even more beautiful with the right makeup. Use a neutral palette with bold accents, or create a romantic look in watercolor tones.

Perfect everyday makeup for blond girls
Perfect everyday makeup for blond girls

Everyday makeup should hide minor imperfections and delicately emphasize the dignity of your appearance. Apply cosmetics in a very thin layer and do not use too shiny textures, in the daytime they are inappropriate.

Moisturize your face with sunscreen or gel before applying makeup. Let it soak in and smooth the skin with a foundation. It is better to use a liquid cream or emulsion during the day. Apply it with a sponge, gently hammering into the skin. This method of application creates the effect of perfectly well-groomed skin without unnecessary makeup.

To make your foundation look natural, choose the right shade. A very light porcelain tone is suitable for white-skinned blondes; girls with slightly tanned or yellowish skin should try an ivory or light honey product. If the cream turns out to be too dark, add a small amount of moisturizer to brighten the foundation and lighten its texture.

A drop of self-tanner added to the day cream will help to give the skin a beautiful vacation tone. Such a mixture will successfully replace the tonal foundation.

Matte skin slightly with loose powder. Apply it with a large, fluffy brush, it will spread the product in a very thin veil-like layer. For blondes, a translucent powder that does not paint the skin is suitable. Make sure that the tone of the face is not darker than the neck.

Blond girls go with gentle blush in light colors: pink, delicate beige and golden, peach. Choose a blush powder or cream that does not contain large glitters. Soft semi-matte textures that melt on the skin will do. Shade the blush well so that it only gives off a hint of color. If the shade is too bright, dim it with powder.

The blush can be replaced with a tan powder. Apply with a fluffy brush and rub well

Correctly selected shadows will help to emphasize the color of the eyes. For blue eyes, try shades of golden beige or pearl gray, frame greens with tan, and hazel with mint. Choose sophisticated, muted shades perfect for daytime makeup.

Blondes do not go too dark shades of eyeshadow and eyeliner. Try lining up your eyelids with a granite or cinnamon-colored pencil and complement them with dark brown or gray mascara. For summer, you can try fashionable bright mascara, it goes well with tanned skin. Apply it only to the upper lashes. Blond girls will go with bright blue, mint green or turquoise mascara.

The final touch is lip makeup. Blondes go with soft lipstick-balms and fruity gloss. Try trendy berry tones: cranberry, strawberry, light cherry. Applied with a thin translucent layer, these lipsticks look very delicate. For daytime makeup, products with a lot of mother-of-pearl are not suitable, they look old-fashioned and make the lips look flat. Do not use very light lipstick, it will make your look colorless. For blondes who prefer natural makeup, moist gloss of honey, warm beige or apricot is suitable.

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