Concealer: How It Works And How To Use It

Concealer: How It Works And How To Use It
Concealer: How It Works And How To Use It

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No, for sure, women are completely satisfied with the condition of their skin. Constant stress, unhealthy diet, taking medications, chronic lack of sleep, unfavorable environmental conditions - all these factors manifest themselves on the skin with pimples, redness, dark circles in the eye area, age spots, etc. But modern cosmetology has given women the opportunity to make their face flawless by creating a magic tool - concealer.

Concealer: how it works and how to use it
Concealer: how it works and how to use it

At its core, a concealer is a pencil used to mask problem areas on the skin, such as under eye circles, age spots and fine lines.

You need to understand that concealer and foundation are completely different products. The first is used pointwise, as opposed to a tone that is evenly applied to the face completely. A certain skill is required to work with concealer, because it is applied only to problem areas, avoiding healthy skin. In addition, the concealer has a denser structure, thanks to which it masks skin imperfections much more reliably.

As a rule, concealers come in beige and flesh tones, choosing your own product, it is very important to consider the color of the foundation. The best option would be a concealer one or two shades lighter than the base, while it is applied first. If your concealer completely matches the shade of the foundation, you can apply it both before and after.

A product containing reflective particles will help to hide dark circles under the eyes. On its label must be present the word "illuminante", which translates as "lighting". A concealer like this will contain reflective pigment to keep your face looking fresh and rested. But such a remedy will not be able to hide the inflamed and reddened areas of the skin, therefore it is used only for the skin in the eye area.

To correct acne and red spots, you need to use a special product with a denser texture, such concealers often contain additional antibacterial additives that help not only mask imperfections, but also fight the inflammation process itself.

Typically, concealers come in pencils or tubes and are applied with a fine brush.

The tool in the form of a pencil is already equipped with such a brush, and a small amount of concealer is squeezed onto it using a button located on the back.

The clever combination of foundation and concealer will make your complexion even, but remember that the surplus of used products can easily turn makeup into a ridiculous mask.

You can take advantage of the wonderful masking properties of the concealer only by choosing the right color. Each person's skin tone is unique due to the pigments it contains. If the blue pigment of the skin is dominant, the complexion will be cold, if the red is warm, and a large amount of carotene will give the face a yellowish complexion.

By choosing a concealer of a certain shade, you can neutralize excess of any color and make your skin tone perfectly even.

The magical properties of the concealer are based on the color's ability to level each other out.

By choosing the right shade of the product, you can effectively mask pimples, inflammation, dark spots, spider veins and other skin defects.

The most important thing is to apply the concealer pointwise, exclusively on problem areas, not affecting healthy skin. Colored products are applied under the foundation, like concealers, which are lighter than usual.

Before applying concealer, skin must be cleansed and moisturized. It is applied with a special brush, and shaded with soft tapping movements with the pads of the fingers.After that, a foundation is applied to the face. If the area of ​​redness is quite large, the concealer is applied to the spot with an even layer, and the edges are shaded.

With the help of a light flesh-colored product or with reflective particles, you can hide small wrinkles - just brush over it with a brush with concealer, filling it in. Allow the product to dry and lay on top of your regular foundation.

It is much easier and smoother to blend the concealer with your fingers, some of them recommend first applying it on the back of your hand and only then on your face.

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