How To Draw Eyebrows Correctly

How To Draw Eyebrows Correctly
How To Draw Eyebrows Correctly

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Beautifully defined eyebrows give the face a well-groomed look. You can arrange them with the help of a makeup artist or yourself. Use pencils, shadows, gels, or waxes to paint on arcs. Choose the right shades of makeup and learn to apply it quickly and accurately.

How to draw eyebrows correctly
How to draw eyebrows correctly

You can tint your eyebrows with a pencil, eye shadow, wax or gel. Products designed for eyebrows differ from eyelid cosmetics in a drier texture and increased durability. The choice of this or that remedy depends on the density of the hairs, their thickness and color. For naughty, protruding eyebrows, a fixing gel is needed, thin and rare ones will mask shadows, and for arches with noticeable bald spots, a combination of a pencil and wax is suitable.

Find a suitable eyebrow shape. It depends on the facial features. Large and angular ones will complement long eyebrows with a break, slightly curved and shortened ones are more suitable for a round face. The color of the pencil or eyeshadow depends on the shade of your hair. The darker they are, the more saturated the shade should be used. However, jet-black eyebrows don't suit even brunettes. Coffee or gray-brown looks much more natural. Beige and gray colors are suitable for blondes and brown-haired women.

Before drawing, remove excess hairs with tweezers or wax strips. Wax removes vegetation on the bridge of the nose and forms thin "tails" at the temples. The tweezers are useful for adjusting the bottom of the arch and plucking out individual hairs. Eyebrows that are too long should be carefully trimmed with nail scissors. The hairs will not be shaggy, the arcs will take on a more graceful shape.

Pluck eyebrows in front of a magnifying mirror and constantly check their symmetry

Make up very rare, almost non-existent eyebrows in two stages. First, draw an arc with a pencil of a suitable color. Start at the inner corner of your eyebrow and draw a line towards the outer edge. Do not press on the pencil, the outline should be very light. On a brush with a beveled edge or a dense thin applicator, type in not too dark shadows and apply them in short strokes over the pencil, rubbing it. At the bridge of the nose, the eyebrow should be wider, and closer to the temples, the line should be narrowed.

To make the eyebrow look more beautiful, draw a line under it with a light pink pencil and rub the lead. The pencil will hide the growing hairs and open your eyes. If you don't have a pencil, use light matte shadows.

If the eyebrows are set too wide, use short strokes of a sharpened pencil to imitate the hairs at the bridge of the nose. Rub the strokes with a thin applicator. Do not make your eyebrows too wide, they will give your face a frowning expression. Make sure that no bald spots remain on the arcs. You can use two shades of eyeshadow at once. First paint the line with a darker color and then blend it with lighter shadows. Erase unsuccessful strokes with a clean cotton swab.

Dull hairs devoid of shine will be revived by natural wax. For dark and even eyebrows, a colorless option is suitable, treat arches with bald patches with dyed. It can be combined with shadows. Apply wax outline first, and then lay down a layer of eyeshadow of the corresponding color. Comb your eyebrows with a stiff round brush, brushing it from the bottom up and slightly to the side, from the bridge of the nose to the temples.

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