Makeup Rules For Small Eyes

Makeup Rules For Small Eyes
Makeup Rules For Small Eyes

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The presence of some shortcomings and deviations from the canon of beauty causes inconvenience and instills complexes. However, not everyone can afford the services of a professional makeup artist, we can even say that they are not at all required. The girl herself can bring her appearance to the ideal with the help of cosmetics.

Makeup rules for small eyes
Makeup rules for small eyes

When the goal of makeup is correction, the shape, thickness and color of the eyebrows play an important role. Thick, wide eyebrows are not suitable for small eyes, it is much better to make the eyebrow thinner and taller using tweezers or tongs. The eyebrow hairs should be parallel to each other.

It happens that the eyes seem small and expressionless when the shape of the eyebrows is chosen incorrectly. Most often, the most suitable shape is the natural one, which should be corrected with tweezers to remove excess hairs. But it happens that the shape of the eyebrows, given by nature, is not suitable. Then it is best to use advice on choosing the ideal shape or visit a specialist.

If the eyes are deeply set, a light eyeshadow is an excellent base. The problem of the overhanging eyelid will be solved by darkening the main color in the outer corners of the eyes. Also, this technique is suitable for sunken and wide eyes.

A serious mistake would be applying dark shadows to the entire surface of the moving eyelid, this technique will make the eyes even smaller.

If you have naturally long and thick eyelashes, then black or brown mascara will be enough, depending on the type of makeup (day or evening). The brush must be held towards the outer corner of the eye in order to create the appearance of an open gaze and large eyes. If the eyelashes are not particularly different in density and length, you should use a pencil or eyeliner.

A thick eyeliner line will only exacerbate the problem. It is necessary to carefully emphasize the lash line, highlight it slightly and blend it with a sponge or brush. You should not highlight the inner corner of the eye with a pencil or eyeliner.

The color of your eye shadow depends on the color of your eyes and the time of day. Daytime makeup provides for soft, shallow, natural colors. For evening makeup, you can add bright accents.

Beige and natural pink shades are perfect for blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls. Green eyes will look good with pearlescent shades, and pale orange shades are also suitable. Brown-eyed girls can use shades of natural colors in makeup: brown, olive with a warm color type and shades of the sea if the color type is cold.

You should bring your eyes with a white pencil from below, closer directly to the iris. Mascara applied to the bottom contour and in the outer corner of the eye will help to complete the eye makeup.

The finished eye makeup will not be enough to make the look more expressive. The right tone for the face is important. Often, the effect of small eyes is achieved due to circles under the eyes, which can be masked with concealer, tone, or simply by correcting sleep patterns. Sometimes the cause of dark circles under the eyes is unstable makeup, so choose your eyeshadow and mascara carefully.

The line of the cheekbones, highlighted in a dark tone, will emphasize the beauty of the eyes. An unobtrusive blush applied to the face will help achieve a natural glow to the eyes.

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