Makeup After 40: How To Do It Right

Makeup After 40: How To Do It Right
Makeup After 40: How To Do It Right

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At whatever age a woman is, she always strives to look attractive. Unfortunately, nature cannot be deceived, and there is nowhere to get away from the first signs of wilting. However, correctly selected and skillfully applied makeup makes it possible for any representative of the fair sex to hide her real age, successfully masking all age-related imperfections of the skin. It is after forty that it is very important for a woman not to rush to extremes, trying to avoid makeup that is inappropriate for her age, looking inappropriate, and, at times, repulsive.

Makeup after 40: how to do it right
Makeup after 40: how to do it right

The skin of a woman in adulthood requires careful, gentle and, most importantly, regular care. The main emphasis should be placed on the nourishing and moisturizing properties of any cosmetic product.

The main principle when choosing cosmetics should be their compliance with age and skin type.

The most attractive part of a woman's face that requires constant care and attention is the lips. But over time, they gradually lose their original volume, are often covered with a mesh of fine wrinkles along the contour - all this must be taken into account when applying makeup.

It should be remembered that the network of wrinkles formed around the lips prohibits the use of a contour pencil. It was created in order to focus attention on women's lips, and in this case, it will only visually emphasize this flaw. Wrinkles will be especially noticeable if the lady is accustomed to using lipstick in dark shades. You should especially avoid using a contour pencil that is much darker than your lipstick.

With age, the skin of the lips becomes looser and loses its elasticity, so it begins to actively absorb the lipstick applied to it. In some cases, lipstick may even drip, collecting in folds and wrinkles. This, firstly, does not look aesthetically pleasing, and secondly, it requires constant correction of makeup and removal of excess lipstick. At this age, a woman should choose lipstick and lip glosses in light shades.

You should pay attention to the calmer, warmer lipstick colors. A contour pencil should ideally match its tone, and it itself should be applied to the lips in several layers, blotting the first of them with a napkin. You can make your lips look more seductive and fresh by applying a small layer of gloss to them.

The biggest mistake a woman makes after forty is that she habitually continues to put on makeup, using the same technique that she used ten years ago. But now it brings completely opposite results than before. Experienced makeup artists advise you to determine the most spectacular part of your face and try to emphasize it in every possible way. But it should be borne in mind that the emphasis should be on one detail, and not on all, otherwise, you will become more like a doll.

In addition, mature ladies need to avoid overly saturated colors and shades in makeup. Overly bright cosmetics will draw attention to a woman's face, showing not only its dignity, but also the emerging signs of aging. So, a too thick layer of foundation will not mask small wrinkles around the eyes or the corners of the mouth, but, on the contrary, will more clearly emphasize their presence.

Correct makeup should emphasize the most attractive features of a woman's face, while hiding all existing imperfections. For example, a woman should, with age, give preference to lighter shades of the tonal base, because the dark cream, gathering in fine wrinkles, exposes them, only enhancing the effect of aging skin. In contrast, the tonal base of light shades refreshes the skin and masks all the age-related manifestations on it.

It is necessary to apply the tone in a thinner layer, carefully shaded, with even borders of the transition to the neck area.

When choosing a powder, it is advisable to give preference to dry and friable, which does not clog pores and is an excellent base for applying makeup. In this case, the tone of the powder should match the color of the base or be slightly lighter than it. Do not give up blush, just use beige or peach shades instead of the usual pink ones.

Shadows are among those effective tools that at any age are able to add depth and expression to the eyes. Over time, you should dwell on a calmer color scheme. As for the eyeliner, it is better to abandon rich, wide and dark lines, a thin brown arrow will be more appropriate.

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