Types Of Arrows For The Eyes And How To Apply Them

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Types Of Arrows For The Eyes And How To Apply Them
Types Of Arrows For The Eyes And How To Apply Them

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Arrows on the eyelids are able to completely transform the face, making the look languid, sexy, bewitching. Lines can be very clear or blurry, matte or shiny. For the arrows to really decorate the face, you need to choose the right length and width, and also learn how to bring your eyes accurately and accurately.

Types of arrows for the eyes and how to apply them
Types of arrows for the eyes and how to apply them

Arrows on the eyelids: what they are

Using the arrows, you can create an interesting evening look, add exotic or vintage notes to your makeup. Today all eyeliner options are relevant. When choosing, it is worth considering the features of the face, the structure of the eyelids, the general image, the color type. For proper makeup, you need a small cosmetic arsenal: pencils, automatic liners, eyeliners in the form of a gel, cream or liquid, as well as a set of brushes and applicators.

Bold, non-feathering contrasting hands create a sexy '60s look. They visually enlarge the eyes and focus on the upper part of the face. Such arrows are drawn with a pencil, liquid, cream or gel eyeliner.

The most natural effect is created by fine arrows drawn along the lash line. They are unobtrusive and perfect for daytime makeup. It is convenient to draw such lines with a liquid eyeliner, an automatic liner or a sharpened pencil.

Women who prefer bold theatrical effects will love the eyeliner, which lengthens the eyes and gives them a feline look. The eyelids are laid in several layers, it is most convenient to use cream or gel cosmetics with a slight sheen.

An interesting option is ready-made arrows of different shades and shapes that need to be glued to the eyelid. Before this, the skin is degreased with a tonic or micellar water. Artificial arrows adhere perfectly to the skin and can be removed with any makeup remover.

How to bring your eyes neatly and beautifully

Matte, slightly shaded arrows are capable of creating an alluring languid look. A soft powdery pencil of black, dark gray, chocolate shades will help to draw them. Make-up should start with degreasing the eyelids. They are wiped with a swab dipped in a mild, alcohol-free lotion, and then a non-greasy base in the form of a cream or gel is applied. The base is fixed in a few seconds, after which you can start drawing arrows.

The pencil line is applied as close as possible to the roots of the eyelashes, starting from the middle of the century. Having reached the edge of the eye, the arrow is slightly extended, it can be made even or slightly raised. Then the arrow is drawn from the inner corner of the eye to the middle and the lower eyelid is brought in. The lines are gently shaded with a latex sponge or cotton swab, and then duplicated by the arrow on the upper eyelid. This method allows you to do without shadows, the arrow turns out to be delicate, but noticeable.

Evening version - wide bright arrows of glossy black color. They visually enlarge the eyes and are effectively combined with shiny lipstick and beautifully curled lashes. To make the lines neat, they are outlined with a finely sharpened pencil. It serves as a backing for the liner and holds it securely.

To make the arrows visible, they are drawn with a tightly padded synthetic brush with a beveled edge. The width of the arrow is varied by pressing the brush. The stronger the pressure, the thicker the line will be. It is better to make the ponytails thinner, slightly raising them to the temples. While the eyeliner is not frozen, the arrow can be corrected with a clean cotton swab.

A very fashionable option is colored arrows. They are suitable for summer makeup in bright colors and look spectacular on tanned skin. It is convenient to draw lines with retractable gel pencils. It glides smoothly over the skin and fixes quickly without smudging throughout the day.

After the eyeliner, you need to tint the eyelashes, otherwise the makeup will not look complete.The best option is a velvety black lengthening mascara that does not hide the beauty of the arrows. You should not use colored mascara, it looks more impressive on the eyes without a bright eyeliner.

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