How To Start Sunbathing In A Solarium

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How To Start Sunbathing In A Solarium
How To Start Sunbathing In A Solarium

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The noble pallor, popular in the Middle Ages, is a thing of the past; a bronze skin tone is in fashion. For those who do not have the opportunity to enjoy the sun's rays at any time of the year, it remains to be content with a solarium, in which tanning has its own characteristics.

How to start sunbathing in a solarium
How to start sunbathing in a solarium

It is necessary

  • - protective pads;
  • - moisturizing cream.


Step 1

Before you start sunbathing in a tanning bed, determine your skin type. Conventionally, you can distinguish light, normal and dark. Each type of skin reacts in its own way to ultraviolet light, which determines the duration of the procedures. In a normal salon, this information can be obtained not only from the administrator, but also to get acquainted with it in printed form.

Step 2

Do not use conventional tanning products in tanning beds. Special cosmetics are required here.

Step 3

Do not shower with soap immediately before the tanning bed, as it washes away the natural oil film that protects the skin and makes it more vulnerable. Also, do not use eau de toilette and perfume, the essential oils contained in them, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, can leave dark spots on the skin.

Step 4

As much as you want to get an even tan in a tanning bed, be sure to protect your eyes and nipple halos. A good salon offers special stickers and glasses for this.

Step 5

The first visit to the tanning salon should be short, lasting 4 to 6 minutes, depending on the skin type. The lighter it is, the less contact with ultraviolet light should be. The procedure should not cause discomfort, therefore, if the skin reacts too sensitively to tanning in a solarium, it should be discarded.

Step 6

Do not exceed treatment times in an attempt to achieve darker skin tone in a few sessions. This method will only lead to burns. On average, it takes 6 to 10 procedures to get a tan.

Step 7

Visit the tanning bed no more than every other day. It takes time for the body to produce melanin, which gives the skin a golden hue. It is most optimal to sunbathe every other day.

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