Makeup That Visually Enlarges The Eyes

Makeup That Visually Enlarges The Eyes
Makeup That Visually Enlarges The Eyes

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Since ancient times, large expressive eyes have been valued for their beauty and attractiveness, so women at all times prefer to focus on the eyes in makeup. In the modern world, you should also remember about some tricks and tricks in eye makeup.

Makeup that visually enlarges the eyes
Makeup that visually enlarges the eyes

The appearance of each woman is individual and has its own characteristics, this can be taken into account in makeup thanks to a variety of techniques and techniques. First of all, you need to determine what kind of cut and type of eyes nature has endowed a particular woman with - be it Asian, round, or almond-shaped. Then you can start all sorts of experiments to determine the most advantageous makeup option.

Shades of liquid eyeliner, as well as eyeliners, are selected depending on the type of skin (dark shades are suitable for dark-skinned women, green, gray and other shades will look advantageous on women with fair skin), as well as on the color of the eyes.

For women, endowed by nature with a small size, the eyes are not recommended to outline the eyes exactly along the contour, it is better to do it, step back a little from the eyelash growth line, and bring the lower eyelid by one third.

For owners of round eyes, make-up is recommended that visually lengthens the eyes. It can be done by drawing a neat arrow along the line of the upper eyelid.

The eyeliner line shaded with a brush will give the look a special appeal.

In the eye makeup technique, there is not a great trick that helps to visually enlarge the eyes. Mascara is applied to the upper eyelashes, a line is drawn along the growth line of the lower eyelashes with a light (white or pale pink) kayal. With the same pencil, draw a line under the eyebrow and shade.

There is nothing difficult in applying shadows to make the eyes expressive: a fairly light shade is applied to the inner corner of the eye, then, moving to the outer side of the eyelid, darker shades are applied. This make-up can be performed with two or three shades of shadows, or a rather complex combination of four or five correctly selected shades can be performed.

Eyes look the most advantageous with the use of either voluminous mascara or with a curling effect in makeup. The shade of mascara can be extravagant black, brown, or the same shade as the liquid eyeliner chosen for eye makeup.

The above are not great tricks that will help you perform makeup that visually enlarges the eyes. Be beautiful!

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