Make-up-2019, Or Compliance With The 5 Rules Of A "clean" Face

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Make-up-2019, Or Compliance With The 5 Rules Of A "clean" Face
Make-up-2019, Or Compliance With The 5 Rules Of A "clean" Face

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The 2019 motto is “More natural faces!” And this is good news. Makeup without makeup. Even beginners will be able to quickly learn the secrets of performing a simple make-up step by step to create a natural and fashionable look.

Make up
Make up

In order for a lady of any age to become even more beautiful, you need to master the technique of correctly applying a make-up. It will be easy if you use step-by-step instructions and the right cosmetics.

Rule one - cleansing the skin of the face

First you have to prepare - choose a base and cleanse the skin, after which it makes sense to proceed to the main thing. You can't do without foundation preparation if you want to achieve an even complexion. The next changes will affect textures - in the new year, dense tonal means will replace translucent ones. It is better to choose a foundation slightly darker than the skin tone, and ideally there should be two of them - lighter and darker in order to correct some areas. Do not forget that all tonal products are divided into two categories: water-based (washed off with water); oil-based (washed off with special makeup remover). Application of concealers: if problem areas of the skin are extensive (vascular network, age spots, acne), then it is necessary to use a colored makeup base; if the problems are minor, they can be masked by mixing the concealer with foundation and applied on top of the dotted skin. Make-up foundation should be as close to natural skin tone as possible. With sliding, smooth movements, using a brush to apply the foundation, the foundation is applied to the skin of the face along the massage lines: first, on the forehead, then on the middle part of the face, lower part and neck. Shaded from the center of the face to the edges and reduced to naught.

Rule two - eyebrow shaping

Naturalness is in vogue, so make-up artists advise slightly adjusting the color with a pencil, focusing on the natural form given by nature. But if the eyebrows are thin, inexpressive, you need to expand, give brightness. The classic form consists of a head (the widest part, located at the bridge of the nose), body, tail (located at the temple). Determine the control points, following the step-by-step instructions: a) "the beginning of the arc" (attach a pencil, connecting the inner corner of the eye with the wing of the nose, put a barely noticeable mark); b) "elevation" (draw a line through the side of the nose and the center of the pupil, mark the top point; c) "edge" (the tip of the tail is located by connecting the edge of the wing of the nose and the outer corner of the eyelid, make a note). With an eyebrow pencil, draw an eyebrow going through these points.

Rule three - eye makeup

Remember that it is usually recommended to highlight one thing: eyes or lips? And in 2019 it will be eyes. Bright matte shadows on a "clean" face are becoming a new trend. The long-forgotten trend is returning - the lower eyeliner with a black or brown pencil. By adhering to some nuances, and knowing how to correctly combine colors in makeup, you can create a spectacular, unique and memorable image. Daytime makeup should not be too flashy and bright. Shadows remain absolutely universal and appropriate for any type of appearance:

  • all shades of beige;
  • peach or golden;
  • green;
  • lavender:
  • lilac.

In evening make-up, it is not forbidden to use a more contrasting color scheme. All shades of brown, golden, and rich bronze are perfect.

Blondes or red-haired beasts with green or blue eyes and fair skin shades of makeup should be selected appropriate:

  • do not make too sharp, contrasting transitions;
  • do not do makeup in too dark and gloomy colors;
  • do not draw your eyes with a black pencil, performing rather thick contour lines.This sophisticated type of appearance should be emphasized by subtle, pastel colors.

The situation is completely different for brunettes with dark and tanned skin. Here you can use:

  • dark brown and charcoal eyeliner;
  • it would be appropriate to apply plum, heavenly and spring green, refreshing shades of shadows.

You no longer need to draw neat graphic lines and outline facial features - the effect of yesterday's makeup is in vogue.

Rule four - cheekbones

It is fashionable to have high cheekbones this year. You can use two shades of foundation for this. Apply the main tone all over the face and blend thoroughly. And on all protruding parts - the bridge of the nose, the middle of the forehead, cheekbones - a lighter tone. Of course, this advice is not relevant for those with pointed facial features.

If you are the owner of round cheeks, you can make them less voluminous, and cheekbones - high, you can use blush. Apply the blush under the cheekbones, blending carefully from temple to lip line. The area where you want to apply the blush will stand out clearly as you pull your cheeks in. At the same time, it is necessary to apply a highlighter of a light shade to the cheekbones themselves.

Rule five - lips

A real revolution awaits in 2019 the shape of the lips. Make-up artists are trying to convey the idea that there is nothing wrong with being natural and that there is no need to try to change your natural data with cosmetics or in the beautician's office. Therefore, the main task in the coming year is to stop going beyond the contour of your lips and make an ombre in the desire to achieve the "Angelina Jolie" effect. Brown lipstick, which was popular in the 90s, has been revived and replaced the wine, nude and pink shades. Here, as in the case of red lipsticks, you will have to look for a color that is right for you.

There is a way to correct the width of the lips using a contour pencil. Before that, the lips must be tinted with foundation and powder. And when the border between the lips and the skin becomes almost invisible, a contour should be applied to the thinner (in this case, the upper) lip so that it protrudes slightly beyond the lip border. The second lip should be contoured clearly along the border.

In festive makeup, it is also important to follow the rules of a "clean" face, but with shiny lips.

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