The Main Types Of Makeup

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The Main Types Of Makeup
The Main Types Of Makeup

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Makeup can be everyday and festive, but besides these categories, there are other, intermediate types. They differ in the intensity of the application of cosmetics and the products that are used in the work.

The main types of makeup
The main types of makeup

Natural makeup

Natural make-up or “make-up without make-up” is a trend that periodically becomes extremely fashionable. The main idea is to lightly retouch the flaws and highlight the advantages so that the cosmetics are almost invisible. The tonal means are used that completely match the skin tone, giving the effect of a natural glow. The look is complemented by pinkish-beige blush and shades of creamy brown.

In a natural look, noticeable contouring, dark powder, highlighters with large sparkles, lipstick and gloss of unusual, too bright or dark shades are not used. The main task is to create the effect of perfect skin, fresh lips, radiant eyes. This makeup works well with casual wear and natural light, but can look dull and faded in the evening.

Wedding make-up

An intermediate option between daytime and evening makeup. Cosmetics should emphasize the freshness and charm of the bride; light, watercolor shades of a natural scale are used. Pink, golden, pale lilac, pearl gray tones are popular. Too dark shades are not used, bright ones are possible, but rarely used.

Correctly done makeup should last from morning to evening without correction. Contouring is used very sparingly, but all flaws must be hidden. It is better not to use too matte or shiny textures; translucent cosmetics with a satin, wet, slightly iridescent or velvety finish are suitable.

Makeup for photo shoots

The main purpose of this makeup is the perfect look for photos and videos. The make-up artist thoroughly works on the skin, applying the base, tonal and corrective agents in layers. Make-up needs to be constantly tweaked with special napkins and loose powder. Even if the master creates the most natural look, a lot of cosmetics will be used.

To shape the eyes, you need powdery shadows of varying intensity and a base for them, pencils, eyeliner, mascara. Lips must be outlined with a pencil, lipstick is applied in layers, often a portion of gloss is applied on top.

You cannot use conventional contouring, strobing and masking products in photo makeup. When they flash, they can have unexpected effects. Often a make-up artist works with special professional cosmetics, devoid of such disadvantages.

Corrective makeup

It is used to mask pronounced imperfections: bags under the eyes, indistinct facial contours, various skin effects. Foundations with high opacity become the basis. They are applied in layers using applicators, sponges and brushes of various densities. The basic set includes correctors, concealers, tonal creams, loose powder. Products of different densities can be used in one makeup. Concentrated pastes are suitable for masking individual areas, requiring careful shading.

The design of the eyes, cheeks and lips depends on what kind of imperfections you need to hide. For example, the emphasis on the eyes is done for problems in the lower part of the face, the lips are emphasized if you need to divert attention from the eyes and forehead.

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