Choosing Between Powder And Foundation

Choosing Between Powder And Foundation
Choosing Between Powder And Foundation

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An even beautiful complexion is the dream of many women. In real life, only a few have such dignity. Everyone else has to use certain cosmetic products to even out the complexion and make the skin velvety and beautiful. And very often the question arises before the ladies - which is better to choose: foundation or powder.

Choosing between powder and foundation
Choosing between powder and foundation

Both powder and foundation are created with one goal in mind - they must make the skin perfect. In addition, that the foundation, that the powder should protect the face from the negative effects of the environment. However, it should be borne in mind that these products may not be very well suited to one or another skin type. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand the difference between them, and in what situations they are applied.

Foundations that were used about 20 years ago were often not recommended by cosmetologists for use. Or doctors advised to use them only on occasion, for example, if you need to create evening makeup for going to the theater.

Those creams that were made two to three decades ago had a dense structure, as a result of which they clogged pores and led to acne and the development of allergic reactions.

Modern foundations are fundamentally different from their predecessors. They have a lighter structure, due to which they are perfectly applied to the face. In addition, they often include a moisturizing component, making them an excellent face protectant. The skin under such a cream breathes well, and acne and blackheads are not formed.

The advantage of modern foundation is that they include an additional component of protection from ultraviolet rays. This allows them to form a reliable shield against harmful radiation and protect the face from aging.

Foundation is an excellent remedy for masking various skin imperfections, such as age spots, fine wrinkles, small scars on the skin. They allow you to reliably cover up certain problems that can interfere with the creation of high-quality makeup. Therefore, the foundation is great for women with enlarged pores. It helps create an even tone by hiding these imperfections.

The only thing to consider is that the cream must be selected correctly. Be sure to pay attention to the correct selection of shades. After all, if you choose too light or dark color, you can get extremely unnatural makeup. Also, don't choose waterproof creams. After all, they are quite similar in structure to those that were used several decades ago - the same dense and clogging pores. It is worth using funds of this kind no more than 2-3 times a week.

As for the powder, it is more of a finishing touch to make-up, which is designed to smooth the complexion and make the skin velvety. It becomes the finishing touch because it gives a softer and more subtle effect than foundation. However, today, powder is often used as an independent toning agent. We are talking about powdered veils. These usually do not have any shade and are designed to even out the complexion and mask imperfections, leaving the skin tone as natural as possible.

The powder is perfect for women with oily skin. This is due to the fact that it absorbs excess sebum, while protecting the skin from negative external influences. True, it is better to choose an antiseptic powder, which additionally has a healing effect. But for dry skin, powder is not the best option. it dries it out even more.

In stores you can find a huge number of different types of powders - from loose to compact. In addition, cream-powder has gained particular popularity today.

With the help of powder, ladies can quickly touch up their makeup or create a festive make-up using shimmering powder.Powders allow you to visually correct the face, make its features softer. In addition, the undoubted advantage of powder is the fact that it can be applied at any time and anywhere.

Facial care is a responsible event when it is necessary to think over a huge number of different nuances and details. The selection of tonal means and powders are among them. Therefore, you need to be very responsible in their choice.

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