Summer Makeup: Hot Trends

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Summer Makeup: Hot Trends
Summer Makeup: Hot Trends

Video: Summer Makeup: Hot Trends

Video: Summer Makeup: Hot Trends
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Sunlight, warmth and bright colors, lightness of being and adventurism - this is what is always expected from the hottest season. And with pleasure every woman wants to transfer these summer moods into a cosmetic bag in order to create unique images.

Summer makeup: hot trends
Summer makeup: hot trends

True, loud catwalk and instagram beauty trends do not always look natural and organic in hot summer weather. Therefore, we will consider the most practical and at the same time fashionable trends of this summer.


Natural make-up can be considered an ever-current summer trend. When creating natural makeup, the main bet is on the skin of the face, which must be perfect. To achieve this effect, invisible beauty aids are well suited: make-up base, BB, CC, concealer or foundation.

Natural makeup is certainly not limited to skin alone. Even in light summer makeup, eyebrows and eyelid lines are appropriate. For a more expressive look, just use a palette of eyeshadows with natural colors and mascara with a light texture. In order to make the lips more natural, it is worth using a natural shade of gloss or completely colorless.

Lower eyeliner

An interesting technique is considered to be the selection of the lower eyelid. To do this, you can use a contrasting pigmented eyeliner. This method has left the catwalks and glossy pages.

For a more effective face selection, it is necessary to draw a perfect lash line. After that, the face becomes brighter and more expressive. It is the liquid eyeliner that makes it possible to achieve irresistibility in the image.

Shocking lipsticks

This season, in a cosmetic bag, there must be a place for lipstick or lasting shine of an incredible shade: from rich red, raspberry, marsala and sangria, to white, gray, blue and blue colors.

Of course, such shades provide for a detailed thought over the whole image: the color scheme of clothes, shoes, accessories and handbags.


The Cleopatra style is one of the hottest trends this summer. Popular colors for artistic arrows are sky blue, brick and juicy yellow tones. The originality of the lines amazes and makes the makeup look trendy. For a dramatic and long-lasting make-up, use liquid eyeliner.


You should not rush to bury the shadows of a dark palette by the fall this season, because the sensual "smokey" is still in trend.

Heavy "smoky eyes" were accompanied by gentle calm shades with a powder effect that will suit sophisticated natures, and kitsch colors for bold and bright lovers of shocking.

Following the above recommendations, you can easily create trendy makeup and be at your best this season.

And, of course, do not forget about facial skin care. Indeed, it is in the summer that even the smallest defects become especially noticeable, and the destructive ultraviolet light affects the skin most actively. Daily care and the use of protective cosmetics will help to avoid the problems typical of this season and make the summer full of beauty and lightness.