Summer Wedding Makeup

Summer Wedding Makeup
Summer Wedding Makeup

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Summer is the most popular time of the year for weddings. The bright sun, green trees and blue skies create a particularly festive atmosphere. In summer, there is also no need to be afraid that the main participants of the event and their guests will freeze, as all summer clothes are light and airy.

Summer wedding makeup
Summer wedding makeup

But if the bride's dress can be chosen short and thin - appropriate for the weather, then brides' makeup is usually very complicated. It brings troubles and worries, as in hot weather cosmetics can smear and leak. In general, it is not very comfortable to wear thick makeup in the summer. In fact, it is possible to make beautiful makeup for a solemn day not only with the help of a specialist, but also on your own. You just need to follow a series of tips and prepare a little ahead of time.

The bride's face must necessarily glow with happiness, but not with a greasy sheen. Immediately before starting the wedding make-up, the skin should be moisturized with a cream. If the skin of the bride's face is particularly greasy, then you should not use a moisturizer (but you should not forget about it with dry skin type), you can replace it with lotion, most abundantly applying it to the area under the eyes.

A matting agent, which is applied under the base, will also help to cope with the oily sheen. If the overall skin is healthy and looks good, instead of a foundation, you can use such a miracle of cosmetic achievements as a concealer. When choosing a base, if it is still necessary, you need to apply it in a thin layer using a special sponge or brush. The base should not be greasy. It is recommended to treat any base with powder on top.

Eyeshadow is especially difficult to use in the summer heat, given the long period that makeup will be on the bride's face. In order for the shadows to hold firmly, a fixer is needed, which is applied to the area from the base of the eyelashes to the eyebrows. If the eyelid skin is oily, degrease it with a matting agent before applying the fixer. Creamy eyeshadows are most likely to leak or smudge. In this case, it is recommended to use the usual ones.

If you need to eyeliner, the choice is best done with a liquid eyeliner, and not with a pencil. The next element of eye makeup is mascara. It is imperative that it is water resistant.

The most important element of a wedding look is lip makeup. Experts recommend starting it with a moisturizing balm. Then completely paint over the lips with a lip pencil. The lipstick is applied in two layers. After the first, it is recommended to blot your lips with a napkin, apply a thin layer of powder on them and repeat the lipstick. You can also use a lipstick fixer to finish off your makeup.

Tips for preparing a face are recommended to be performed a month before the day of the celebration:

  • use a face scrub;
  • do not use fatty creams;
  • a honey mask will be useful for lips;

As it is clear from the above, wedding makeup for a summer wedding and preparation for it take a lot of time and effort. But in general, the advice is not difficult and quite doable, and compared to other parts of the wedding preparation, they seem like a pleasant trifle.

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