Fashion Trends In Make-up Spring-summer

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Fashion Trends In Make-up Spring-summer
Fashion Trends In Make-up Spring-summer

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Not every girl is happy with her own natural data. A well-chosen make-up will undoubtedly help to correct all sorts of imperfections on the face. Evenly drawn lines will enable the lady to look neat and well-groomed.

Fashion trends in make-up spring-summer 2019
Fashion trends in make-up spring-summer 2019

A beautiful make-up is a whole skill. It is able to highlight both perfection and imperfection when applied unsophisticatedly. In order for the make-up to be liked, not to spoil your naturalness, to make it charming, it is necessary to have information about certain details inherent in this particular warm season. And, of course, remember about the sense of proportion.

What are the main makeup trends in spring and summer 2019?

In the spring-summer 2019 season, a natural, natural make-up is recognized as popular. Healthy shine remains stylish. Everyone is addicted to one trend - to emphasize one thing: eyes or lips, but today it is not modern. In order to keep abreast of popular trends, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the spring-summer 2019 trends in the make-up:

  1. Natural make-up - flawlessly uniform shade, natural colors of eyeshadows and lips of natural colors. Fashionable, in turn, retains sweeping, thick eyebrows, which will emphasize naturalness.
  2. Refined, inherent in the Gothic style, lightness: a light dull complexion, which is accentuated with natural shadows around the eyes.
  3. Natural blush on the cheeks and chin is considered fashionable again. Shiny, amber-bronze color of the blush.
  4. To form the 2019 summer make-up, you should generously apply blush on the cheeks. Moreover, without fear of touching the temple. Do not forget that sloppiness is another distinctive feature in applying the 2019 make-up. If we talk about the gamut, the traditional colors were supplemented with peach and apricot flowers. In addition, it is permissible to use a blush tone of a tea rose.
  5. The traditional version of the make-up - arrows, scarlet lipstick, in turn, remain stylish in the fresh season. Arrows suit any lady. The most important thing is to correctly choose the configuration that perfectly suits the facial features.
  6. Fans of an exclusive make-up are allowed to turn their own eyes to the amber shades of the eyeshadows. And certain stylists recommend dyeing not only the eyes, but also the eyebrows in a golden tone.
  7. Thin ash-gray eye makeup, so-called smokeyeyelight. This is the best version for those who do not spend a lot of time applying makeup. It lacks symmetry, precision and scrupulousness. Natural, greenish, grayish colors will be popular.
  8. Azure shades are again recognized as fashionable - on the catwalks this season, electrician colors were hit. This make-up of eyes on the background of lightened skin without a noticeable presence of blush, bronzer “turned” from models into porcelain dolls. On weekdays, this catchy color is more correct to use like a shape. For example, combining it with grayish or bluish shadows, highlighting the lips with a colorless sheen.

It makes sense to separately highlight the colors, coloring. This is the color of the sea wave, azure. These tones are perfect for the owners of brown, gray-blue eyes. In addition, it is allowed to confidently use turquoise pencils, which emphasize the charm, depth, and colorfulness of the gaze.

You should definitely take into account the past trends in the make-up 2019 - romance, subtlety and elegance. Fashionable is recognized as a light natural complexion, and not bright copper-golden, swarthy faces. Accordingly, it is necessary to keep in mind: the best decoration for healthy skin, that is, make-up is a reliable protection from the sun's rays!

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