How To Painlessly Epilate Your Bikini Area

How To Painlessly Epilate Your Bikini Area
How To Painlessly Epilate Your Bikini Area

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On the eve of the swimming season, we dream of exotic beaches every day, mentally trying on revealing swimsuits. At this time, the most pressing issue is painless and effective hair removal, in particular, in the bikini area.

How to painlessly epilate your bikini area
How to painlessly epilate your bikini area

Here are some tips to avoid getting overwhelmed by negative emotions after your procedure.

1. It is necessary to carry out epilation only after the end of menstruation, since during critical days the pain threshold is the highest.

2. Use a scrub the day before your procedure. It will remove dead cells as much as possible, even out the skin and make the depilation process of higher quality, without disregarding small hairs. After scrubbing, use a moisturizer to relieve pain and prevent inflammation.

3. Take any pain reliever one hour before epilation.

4. Use for the procedure only hard wax, which acts more gently. It is made on the basis of pine resin or petroleum products, with the addition of vegetable or lemon oils, in order to avoid cracking and strong adhesion of the wax mass. Hot wax is applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth. Under the influence of heat, the pores open, and, after cooling, the wax, together with the hairs, is easily and painlessly removed from the skin surface. The only drawback is that in the absence of sufficient experience, the likelihood of a burn is high.

5. Breathe deeply and evenly while epilating. This will distract you from the pain as much as possible.

6. If you are an emotional person, do not hesitate and do not be silent while epilation, it will also help reduce pain.

7. Remember that waxing is contraindicated in skin diseases and allergies, as well as when using cosmetics containing retinol and alpha hydroxy acids.

After the procedure, small bleeding spots may appear - this is quite normal. To prevent inflammation, wipe the surface of your skin with a cotton swab dampened with 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Ingrown hairs are sometimes visible after epilation. In this case, within 2 days, wash the areas with ingrown hairs with antibacterial soap and lubricate with hydrocortisone ointment, then lubricate with any exfoliating cream for 5 days. And after the hair comes out, pull it out with tweezers.

Using these tips, the epilation procedure will give you a minimum of negative emotions and memories of it will not become an obsessive painful nightmare.

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