Bald Girl: The Attitude Of Men

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Bald Girl: The Attitude Of Men
Bald Girl: The Attitude Of Men

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A bald girl is a rather rare and extremely extraordinary phenomenon. Such ladies are perceived by others in different ways: some condemn, others scoff, and still others admire their courage.

Bald girl: the attitude of men
Bald girl: the attitude of men

Reasons for the appearance

There are several reasons for the appearance of bald girls. First of all, this phenomenon is due to the fact that a woman loves exotic images and therefore made such an unusual hairstyle. Most often this is a manifestation of some kind of complexes. The lady is thus trying to assert herself, to show that she is not like everyone else.

The second reason for bald hairstyle can be various diseases, as a result of which the girl becomes bald or there is a need to shave off her hair. Most often, a woman who has bald due to illness wears a wig or a scarf, and only the most relaxed and extraordinary young ladies come out with a bald head. It seems to girls that in this way they look unusually sexy and attractive, but those around them sometimes do not adhere to this opinion. Despite their own tastes, people should be tolerant towards such persons, because everyone has the right to choose their own style and image.

The attitude of men to bald girls

Men treat bald girls differently. Most of these women do not like, they consider baldness to be the limit of stupidity and ugliness. Some are condescending and think that if the young lady likes it so much, let him walk, as long as it is not his girlfriend, wife, daughter or mother. And only a small part of the representatives of the stronger sex consider coquettes with a bald head to be sexy, they see in them some kind of zest and attractiveness that others do not notice.

Not everyone dares to walk with such a person along the street or invite her to a restaurant. It is easier for men to perceive more standard conventional images, which include girls, albeit with short hair, and not with a shaved skull. Such an experiment on appearance will be appreciated by only a small part of the male population.

If a woman has lost her hair due to illness and only walks like this at home, and puts on a wig or a hat on the street, many representatives of the stronger sex treat this with understanding. It is extremely cruel and indecent to condemn baldness caused by a serious illness, although it is shameless to condemn such an appearance for any reason.

It's just that men should firmly decide whether they like such young ladies or disgust them. If - the latter, then you should just bypass the bald ladies by the side, and not make grimaces or defiantly turn away. Everyone has the right to decide how he looks and in what circle to communicate.

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